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The coronavirus outbreak remains in full swing throughout North America and the rest of the world. With so many people falling ill, the outbreak has had many wide-reaching effects on people of all kinds. Of course, the disease that’s caused by coronavirus, COVID-19, has hospitalized thousands of people all across

Across the country many pregnant women are facing a difficult decision: where to give birth during a rapidly changing, global healthcare crisis? Hospitals are facing increased need for beds for sick patients and hospital birth centers are implementing protocols which may change a woman’s birth plan. Many women are choosing

Whenever dangerous diseases such as COVID-19 start spreading, public health officials, state governors, city mayors, and everyday Americans alike prepare and adjust to minimize the damage in any way they can. Even if you are not a doctor or a city mayor, you can do your part to keep your

For nearly 30 years, researchers with the HeartMath Institute (HRI) have delved into the wonders of the heart helping thousands to improve their emotional wellbeing using their discoveries and tools. Like ordering a perfect chemical cocktail to reduce stress, find courage or forgiveness, we can now tell the heart how

Social constructs of time and change have been governing human activity and beliefs in all cultures. 2020 has a major impact on our collective consciousness because of the way it is seen as a powerful time of redefining where we are at in however we’ve been taught about human history.

A drug is any substance that alters the human body, ranging from aspirin to heroin and anything in between. Most drugs are either prescribed via a doctor, or they are illegal to use at all. Today across the U.S., opioids are being abused in ever-greater numbers, and many experts agree

Journeying in another country is an experience that can be exhilarating, enlightening, wonderful, overwhelming, frustrating and disheartening all at the same time. One of the aspects of foreign travel that can be most challenging is remaining healthy. Montezuma’s revenge, parasites, rashes, mosquito borne illnesses and cholera are but a few

An unfortunate dice roll of genetic susceptibility and environmental exposure, immune dysregulation underlies almost every chronic illness on some level and encompasses a wide range of conditions to varying degrees of severity. From simple inhalant allergies to life-threatening autoimmune diseases, more than a third of the population of America deals

Approximately three-fourths of young children in the U.S. are involved in a preschool program. These facilities are great for providing structure and education for kids but can be a hotbed for all kinds of diseases. Measles is a serious infection that spreads through the air by respiratory droplets via sneezing

A good skin care regimen, sun protection and daily cleansing is all you need to maintain a healthy skin. However, the internet is awash with sources that leave you more confused than informed in this context. While some people will stick to a fad diet, others will drink 8 glasses