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Agent Orange is one of the horrors of the Vietnam War. A defoliant produced by DOW Chemical and dropped from war planes; burning trees as well as people, it was like raining fire—and, has continued to plagued southeast Asia for decades with poisoned water sources and human deformities. Banned from

Sara Bristol stepped into the mayor position in Grants Pass with a certain gusto–and a promise to celebrate what’s great about the city, but also not to shy away from its problems. As she finishes her first busy month as the mayor, the Messenger asked a few questions. Rogue Valley Messenger: In your

It makes unfortunate sense that many of the nation’s most vulnerable populations also have the highest risks of contracting COVID-19. Nursing home residents and minority communities are among those groups for which medical experts are most concerned. But considering that the 2.3 million people incarcerated nationwide are nearly five times

Bill Clinton was still president when Tracy Chavez was pulled over in Phoenix, Oregon. It was a minor traffic violation, but the result was a $200 fine—an amount she could not afford outright, and over the past decades only has grown with overdue fines and menace. The debt is so

A year or so ago, Randy Sparacino retired after nearly 30 years with the Medford Police Department, including serving as its chief. This year, Sparacino walked into his new office in Medford—as the newly elected mayor. During his first weeks in office, the Messenger had a few questions for Medford’s

A more shortcoming for A.I. is its “intelligence” is a derivative of its creator. Meaning: By and large, programmers are white men. As such – and as M.I.T. researcher Joy Buolamwini finds out, facial recognition software tends not to fare so well with women or with persons of color. It

Marijuana has been illegal in America for the better part of a century, and it all started in 1911, with the need for a prescription for the sale of hemp, followed by the ban of marijuana across Maine, California, Indiana and Wyoming in 1913. After that, the ban of marijuana

Understand the uses, purpose, and types of urine drug tests, and make sure you are taking them for the right reasons. What Are Urine Tests, and Why Are They Important? Ever wondered why before entering any job, you are legally required to perform a urine test or more commonly known

Investigations surrounding baby powder have indicated that Johnson & Johnson, the leading manufacturer of baby talcum powder was aware that their product was potentially contaminated with asbestos. Ever since this news has been out, many consumers have been wondering ‘Does the use of baby powder result in cancer?’ Here is

We are often advised to be attentive while walking or cycling along the roads mainly because of the numerous potential dangers, which include reckless motorists. Even so, accidents can still happen to anyone. Being struck by a car is, without a doubt, scary and potentially detrimental to your health, more