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A year or so ago, Randy Sparacino retired after nearly 30 years with the Medford Police Department, including serving as its chief. This year, Sparacino walked into his new office in Medford—as the newly elected mayor. During his first weeks in office, the Messenger had a few questions for Medford’s

A more shortcoming for A.I. is its “intelligence” is a derivative of its creator. Meaning: By and large, programmers are white men. As such – and as M.I.T. researcher Joy Buolamwini finds out, facial recognition software tends not to fare so well with women or with persons of color. It

Marijuana has been illegal in America for the better part of a century, and it all started in 1911, with the need for a prescription for the sale of hemp, followed by the ban of marijuana across Maine, California, Indiana and Wyoming in 1913. After that, the ban of marijuana

Being financially free is one of the best feelings in the world. But getting there involves tons of preparations and a lot of hard work. The goal is to make the money work for you instead of working hard your entire life for money that you forget to live. But

You have bought a very cheap iPhone but later found that it was blacklisted. The phone couldn’t get a signal, but there are no issues with the hardware. Although this sounds bad, there are lots of solutions available. When the network provider is blacklisting the phone, this means that it

Are you facing challenges to streamline the cash flow of your medical practice? If yes, then It’s the right time to adopt proactive strategies to optimize your revenue cycle management services. Because maxim revenue collection is essential to sustain your existence in the highly competitive healthcare industry. From collecting and

One industry that has really been making big waves in recent years is the casino industry, physical and online, generating a total of $227 billion in 2020. Casino gambling, whether it be online or at physical establishments, has become a favorite pastime for many people around the world, with an

There is no-one who doesn’t look forward to the freedom that retirement brings, but what you gain in freedom, you often lose in disposable income at the end of your career. If you retire without a backup plan, you will find yourself faced with an array of financial concerns upon

On October 5, several local non-profits banded together to host a Zoom Q&A with some of the candidates running for office in Jackson County. (Archived footage of debate available.) Not surprisingly, much of the discussion focused upon the recent wildfires, as well as how to respond to the lack of

There may be no better year than this one to virtually travel: Ashland Independent Film Festival is hosting their Varsity World Film Week(s), a collection of films snagged from around the globe – a thriller from Iran, a animation festival from the Netherlands, a noir film from England. Starting on