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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace College Teachers?

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With the rapid development of technology, appearance, and active use of robots, it becomes evident that artificial intelligence can replace humans in various fields. Currently, robots are actively used in numerous companies replacing office workers. Additionally, you might have heard about robots being used instead of horses and wagons. The logical question that pops up is whether artificial intelligence will replace teachers and college educators.

Surfing social media platforms, you may come across various posts about the potential of technology to replace humans on various levels and in different areas. However, it is critical to emphasize that teaching is not about sharing knowledge only. Therefore, in the overwhelming majority of instances, the best way to contribute to the quality of education is by human teachers using AI as a powerful instrument for the achievement of educational goals.

Artificial Intelligence in Teaching: Key Features and Peculiarities

For years, artificial intelligence has become a critical part of the educational process. Leading countries, like China, the USA, and a range of others, are actively implementing the technology to assist teachers and advance the quality of studying to a new level. China, for instance, lets artificial intelligence in the classrooms recognize faces. Thus, AI helps human teachers track attendance. Moreover, technology is used to analyze the student’s success and performance rates, which is inevitable for the improvement of the teaching approach and advancement of studying efficiency.

As for the US, it has also been used AI in classrooms for years. Diagnostic testing is one of the methods used in colleges and is aimed at improvement of the learner’s outcomes. In fact, there is no way to deny that artificial intelligence is an effective instrument that can contribute to the studying process a lot. But can it replace traditional human teachers? Unfortunately, nowadays, it is impossible, as the educator is not the one who deals with mechanical processes only. Individual approach to every student, patience, empathy, and an array of other features are indispensable for effective and appreciated teachers.

Top 4 Ways to Use AI in Education

Although an increasing number of people are convinced that AI can potentially replace human teachers, the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the true value and importance of in-person education. Sharing emotions, dealing with complicated assignments together, interacting with other students, and similar undertakings are challenging and frequently impossible for AI. Artificial intelligence will never recommend you www.writingpapersucks.com, which may help to cope with a challenging project. It will not give you guidelines on how to succeed with the term paper or coursework. Still, there is no need to underestimate the efficiency and prominence of artificial intelligence in education.

  • AI helps with grading. There is no need for teachers to spend much of their tasks assessing tests and checking tests, as AI can cope with these processes in a matter of minutes.
  • AI tracks students’ progress. Taking advantage of machine learning instruments, teachers can keep using students’ grades for personalized profiles, tracking the current progress, and detecting areas for further development.
  • AI aids in personalized learning. Irrespective of how many students are there in the class, AI makes differentiation possible. You will not struggle to deal with individual learning, testing, and evaluation, as the AI will do it for you.
  • AI contributes to the accessibility of education. The location, language, academic progress, and a range of other factors are not important for students studying online, as artificial intelligence tools can contribute to the convenience and accessibility of global classrooms, making them flexible and adaptive.

The Importance of Human Educators

If you take your time to surf the web, read numerous blogs, and come across multiple comments about the future of artificial intelligence, you will understand that a lot of people believe that AI can replace human educators in less than ten years. However, there is another category, who are convinced that there is no way technology can replace living beings.

At this point, it is indispensable to highlight a few most critical reasons why people will always be valued and appreciated, especially when it comes to studying.

  • Artificial intelligence cannot read human emotions and feelings, adapting the teaching methods corresponding to them.
  • AI cannot inspire and motivate students as the human teacher can.
  • Real-life communication, interaction, and connection are priceless for most learners.
  • Friendly attitude and excellent listening skills, strong work ethics, and patience, combined with a plethora of other features, are characteristics of human teachers AI will never have.

There is an array of other factors that can be mentioned in the section, but what is even more important to note is that currently, artificial intelligence can be nothing more than an effective tool on the way to the achievement of certain educational goals. Even if you take into account the reviews of John Milovich available online, you will acknowledge that the unique, personal style makes it unique and appreciated. If the same blog were run by AI, it would have little to no value at all.


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