Besties 2020!

Best Cannabis Dispensary  Bestie: Madrone Cannabis Club (Ashland)  Hon. Mention: Pharm To Table (Medford) Breeze Botanicals (Ashland)    Best Local Cannabis Strain  Bestie: Madrone OG Hon. Mention: Morning Star   Best Budtender Bestie: Brenton Clarke (Madrone Cannabis Club)  Best Locally-made Cannabis Product (tincture, salve, etc.)  Bestie: Madrone Joint Packs Hon.

Best Spa Bestie: Chozu Bath & Tea Gardens (Ashland)  Hon. Mention: Club Northwest (Grants Pass)    Best Dentist  Bestie: Matt Hill Dentistry (Grants Pass) Hon. Mention: Erickson Dental Care (Grants Pass)    Best Physician/Medical Practitioner Bestie: Dr. Mark Rondeau (Asante, Grants Pass) Hon. Mention: Dr. Brigid Crowe (Wild Fern Natural

Best Hiking Trail Bestie: Table Rock Hon. Mention: Cathedral Hill    Best Mountain Biking Trail  Bestie: Jabberwocky Mountain Trail (Ashland)  Hon. Mention: Eight Dollar Mountain (Illinois Valley)    Best Dog Park  Bestie: Schroeder Park (Grants Pass)  Best Park to Smoke Weed Bestie: Lithia Park (Ashland)  Hon. Mention: My backyard    Best

Best Elected Official Bestie: Darby Ayers-Flood (Mayor, City of Talent)  Hon. Mention: Jeff Golden (Oregon Senate, 3rd District)  Best Veterinarian Bestie: Pacific Veterinarian Clinic (Grants Pass) Hon. Mention: Dr. Steven Poet (Best Friends Animal Hospital, Medford)    Best Doggie Day Care/Groomer Bestie: R&R Pet Resort (Phoenix) Hon. Mention: Land of

Best Record Store Bestie: Biscuits & Vinyl (Talent)  Hon. Mention: Music Coop (Ashland)  Best Outdoor Store Bestie: REI Hon. Mention: Mountain Provisions (Ashland)    Best Place to Find Vintage/Used Clothing  Bestie: Runway Fashion Exchange (Medford)  Hon. Mention: Three Penny Mercantile (Ashland)    Best Adult Store  Bestie: Castle Hon. Mention: Love

Best Non-OSF Theater Company  Bestie: Oregon Cabaret Theatre (Ashland) Hon. Mentions: Collaborative Theatre Project (Medford) Camelot Theatre (Talent)   Best Local Actor (film or stage) Bestie: Cody Wright  Hon. Mention: Bruce Campbell  Best Local Author Bestie: Melissa Mathewson  Hon. Mention: Josh Gross   More Besties: Best of Food Best of

Best Band or Solo Artist Bestie: The Brothers Reed Hon. Mention: John Dough Boys Petty Thievery  Best place to see live music  Bestie: Walkabout Brewing Co.  Hon. Mention: Talent Club   Best Local Music Festival Bestie: Britt Fest Hon. Mention: Apple Jam    Best Karaoke Spot Bestie: Wild Goose Café & Bar

Best Coffee Shop for a Date Bestie: Limestone (Medford)  Hon. Mention: Rogue Roasters (Grants Pass) Best Coffee This was a category with divided loyalties, and a four-way tie! Besties: Dutch Bros. Limestone Case Coffee Roasters Rogue Roasters   Best Drive-up Coffee Stand  Bestie: Dutch Bros.  Hon. Mention: Human Bean  More

Best Cocktail Bar Bestie: Jefferson Spirits Hon. Mention: Immortal Spirits    Best Bartender Besties (tie): Kalea McKenna (Jefferson Spirits) Alli McGonagle:(Jefferson Spirits) Best Cider Bestie: Gold Rush Hon. Mention: Outlaw    Best Local Winery  Bestie (tie) Del Rio Vineyards Dancin Vineyards Hon. Mention: Red Lily Roxy Ann   Best Dive

Best Brewery The most popular category in all of the voting showed a virtually tie, with the Medford-based Walkabout Brewing Co. edging out the relatively new Weekend Beer Co. by just six votes for “Bestie” brewery.  Bestie: Walkabout Brewing Co. (Medford)  Hon. Mention: Weekend Beer Co. (Grants Pass)   Best

Best New Restaurant Bestie: Tap & Vine (Medford)  Hon. Mention: Bird & Rye (Ashland)    Best Chef Bestie: Neil Clooney (Bird & Rye) Best Outdoor Seating Bestie: Walkabout Brewing Co.  Hon. Mention: Weekend Beer Co. (Grants Pass)   Best CSA or farm stand Bestie: Fry Family Farm  Hon. Mention: Barking

Whenever dangerous diseases such as COVID-19 start spreading, public health officials, state governors, city mayors, and everyday Americans alike prepare and adjust to minimize the damage in any way they can. Even if you are not a doctor or a city mayor, you can do your part to keep your


When faced with the competition at Southern Oregon’s Battle of the Bands, Sunday, March 8, it seemed like Beyond the Tide was a shoo-in for the victory, presenting polished songs that have plenty of hooks. The audience had voiced its approval and, in a crowded field of regional talent, Beyond

Steve Jobs handpicked a song by Yael Naïm – “New Soul” – to launch Apple’s MacBook Air in 2007. She soon became the first Israeli solo artist to earn a Top 10 hit in the US. Now, she counts Sam Smith among her fans. “Shine” is a hauntingly gorgeous example

JD Rogers is a rocker. He originally hails from the “heartland,” just outside of Indianapolis. I don’t know how old he is or how many albums he’s released before “Twinkie Lips,” but when listening to this music, I can tell he’s been around the block a few times. His singing

Beyond the Valley

Born and raised in a sleepy mountain town in northern Idaho, singer-songwriter Jeff Crosby creates wistful and poetic music that treads a line between the genres of folk, rock, and Americana. Writing about the rare beauty found in his travels and the unconventional stories of the people and places he
Ron Pope: Habits

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ron Pope has been navigating a sea change as of late. On his upcoming album, Bone Structure, he uses music to explain the principles that have guided his own life, which in turn forced Pope to reexamine his hard-fought journey from impoverished child of teenaged parents, to broken-hearted
Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny reveals “Ms. California,” the second single from their forthcoming debut LP Honeymoon out February 14, 2020 on Mom+Pop. This powerful track showcases the contrast between an upbeat, rapturous melody and lyrics that are filled with a complicated envy. Honeymoon marks Beach Bunny’s first project to be released with