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Rogue Valley Messenger: This Memorial Day, Ashland World Music Festival returns. How exciting! A lot has changed in the world since the last festival—pandemic, fires, war and refugees in Europe, increased recognition of equity. So much. What has changed about the programming or focus of the festival?  Ana Byers: A

Perhaps more than any event in southern Oregon, “diversity” at Oregon Fringe Festival is walking the talk. From participants to performances, the annual OFF is a deliciously shuffled deck of performers and performances—where the most conventional performance may be poetry readings or a short film about tasting water from the

The Hearth’s full program begins with a three-and-a-half-day online intensive April 19-22, 2022 and closes with another three-and-a-half-day intensive September 20-23, 2022. The intensives will involve lecture, small group sharing, and group discussion. Online sessions will be three hours, held twice each day, with breaks in between. Rogue Valley Messenger: Storytelling is

Making a comeback after two years of COVID, local theater companies are bringing the laughter and the tears back to the stages of the Rogue Valley. We caught up with the Collaborative Theatre Project in Medford, Camelot Theatre in Talent, Barnstormers Theatre in Grants Pass, and Rogue Theater Company in

Many artists have spent the pandemic creating, and the time has finally come to show off all their hard work. Galleries throughout the Rogue Valley have new exhibits on display, and here are a few details on three to whet artistic appetites. At the Grants Pass Museum of Art there

Was it Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the kitchen? Miss Scarlet with the knife in the library? Nobody knows—not even the cast. “Not only does the audience not have a clue, we don’t for a bit,” Rhyon Ingalls, who plays Mr. Boddy, said about “Clue: The Musical” recently. “Everyone

Life. Love. Pain. Healing. Music. Dance. Art. The Human Arts Collective strives to take all these elements to form what its founders believe is most important: Community. The art gallery, founded by Deva Temple and Christal Sharpe, celebrated its grand opening Saturday, Dec. 18 in Ashland upstairs at 17 N.

Want to know what the best breed of dog is for you? Are you looking for a loyal companion or a dog to bark when strangers approach your property? Perhaps you’re looking for an excitable pup that is extremely fun and playful, regardless of the circumstances. There are countless breeds

By providing your yard with bird baths and feeders, you’re showing your commitment to wildlife conservation. In addition to looking incredible, clean bird baths and feeders help keep your birds healthy. Regularly providing food and water to birds builds a strong bond. You’re mesmerized by their colors and songs, so

Do you have some amazing designs you would love to print onto stickers? Or did the countless etsy stores inspire you to look up how to create your own stickers? Maybe you are a little bit lost when it comes to kick-starting the sticker printing process at home? We are