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  1. October 13, 2017 at 1:09 pm — Reply

    Since moving back to Medford last year, I have been listening. In this time I have found there exists a narrative consistently spoken over Medford, along the lines of, “Bend is cool… Portland has great stuff, we should do that here.” Those statements have never felt right…never quite made sense to me or sounded helpful, and not until recently did I discover why.

    It was in Portland, while enjoying its delicious food and coffee bounties. In the joy of these moments I realized that I do not experience the same level of bliss in Medford. The truth for me, is that I love Medford. This is where I am putting down roots and building a life.

    The turmoil forced me into some deeper thoughts and ultimately some important conclusions.

    Essentially, Portland is great because its people are dedicated to making it PORTLAND. Hence, “keep portland weird.”

    So, the frequent expressions I hear to emulate another city’s features to make Medford “something more”, are actually statements that subtly tell people we have to be like others to be good.

    I don’t buy that. Medford can have its own identity. We have so much to offer.

    Next time we want something cool, quality, or hip to start in Medford, let’s stop and ask ourselves, “Is that who we are? Is that true of Medford?” Because we are not trying to build a great city. We are trying to build a great Medford.

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