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Nashville has served as Tennessee’s state capital since 1843, but most people don’t think about government first when they think about “Music City.” In fact, many people may never think about that if they plan a trip from out of state. With a vibrant nightlife and music scene, thousands of

These days, modern-day porch entertainment most likely consists of a Bluetooth speaker and streamed playlists; often a private party, albeit on public display. But part rock-n-roll and part Norman Rockwell, Porchfest Grants Pass is a public party playing out on private porches. “It is a reason for people to get

One of the casualties of the pandemic has been music festivals in southern Oregon. With mainstays like Apple Jam missing-in-action, one of the few standing festivals is RelaxPansion, a three day old-school hippie festival, complete with goddess temples and fireside jams, and a few dozen musicians. For some insights to

With a brisk schedule of shows, Danielle Kelly is a tornado of talent, touching down here and there throughout the summer. Complete calendar at her website. RVM: You have been performing for more than a decade in southern Oregon.  What keeps you going? Danielle Kelly: I think it’s being committed to

Yes, they are brothers and, yes, just about any day of the week, you can find a Brothers Reed show, some times even two! RVM: You-all seem to be keeping a very steady schedule! I mean, not daily shows, but close. What keeps the fires stoked so high?  Aaron Reed: We

Voted readers’ choice “Bestie” in the Messenger’s 2019 poll, The Giantess has been a steady favorite in the region. Namesake Tess Minnick-Gunderson pondered a few questions that we posed. RVM: Some of your music has a noir feel that fits perfect for sultry jazz club. But it also seems as

A consummate curator of quality, Ashland Folk Collective presents homegrown Fellow Pynins on June 11, just before they launch on their latest tour. Making a (tiny) house home in southern Oregon, Dani Aubert and partner Ian George are fittingly a favorite on NPR’s Tiny Desk sessions. RVM: During the pandemic,

Over the past few years, one of the more active bands in southern Oregon has been King Roy Wing, a six-member musical monster that, thankfully, shows no signs of slowing down. But band spokesperson Henry did take a moment to answer a few questions. RVM: The band simply looks like

As part of its Music Issue, the Messenger presents local artists at local breweries. On Sunday, July 17, 6 pm, Trevor Hanks will perform at Weekend Beer Co. in Grants Pass. RVM: Your July 4 playlist on Spotify is a grab bag of great songs, including Tom Petty, Scorpions and

In addition to profiles in the Summer Music Issue, the Messenger presents two summertime concerts: Jon Martin at Walkabout Brewing in Medford on Saturday, July 16 and Trevor Hanks at Weekend Beer Co. in Grants Pass on Sunday, July 17. RVM: Can you share three songs from your current playlist