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These days, modern-day porch entertainment most likely consists of a Bluetooth speaker and streamed playlists; often a private party, albeit on public display. But part rock-n-roll and part Norman Rockwell, Porchfest Grants Pass is a public party playing out on private porches. “It is a reason for people to get

One of the casualties of the pandemic has been music festivals in southern Oregon. With mainstays like Apple Jam missing-in-action, one of the few standing festivals is RelaxPansion, a three day old-school hippie festival, complete with goddess temples and fireside jams, and a few dozen musicians. For some insights to

With a brisk schedule of shows, Danielle Kelly is a tornado of talent, touching down here and there throughout the summer. Complete calendar at her website. RVM: You have been performing for more than a decade in southern Oregon.  What keeps you going? Danielle Kelly: I think it’s being committed to

Yes, they are brothers and, yes, just about any day of the week, you can find a Brothers Reed show, some times even two! RVM: You-all seem to be keeping a very steady schedule! I mean, not daily shows, but close. What keeps the fires stoked so high?  Aaron Reed: We

Voted readers’ choice “Bestie” in the Messenger’s 2019 poll, The Giantess has been a steady favorite in the region. Namesake Tess Minnick-Gunderson pondered a few questions that we posed. RVM: Some of your music has a noir feel that fits perfect for sultry jazz club. But it also seems as

A consummate curator of quality, Ashland Folk Collective presents homegrown Fellow Pynins on June 11, just before they launch on their latest tour. Making a (tiny) house home in southern Oregon, Dani Aubert and partner Ian George are fittingly a favorite on NPR’s Tiny Desk sessions. RVM: During the pandemic,

Over the past few years, one of the more active bands in southern Oregon has been King Roy Wing, a six-member musical monster that, thankfully, shows no signs of slowing down. But band spokesperson Henry did take a moment to answer a few questions. RVM: The band simply looks like

As part of its Music Issue, the Messenger presents local artists at local breweries. On Sunday, July 17, 6 pm, Trevor Hanks will perform at Weekend Beer Co. in Grants Pass. RVM: Your July 4 playlist on Spotify is a grab bag of great songs, including Tom Petty, Scorpions and

In addition to profiles in the Summer Music Issue, the Messenger presents two summertime concerts: Jon Martin at Walkabout Brewing in Medford on Saturday, July 16 and Trevor Hanks at Weekend Beer Co. in Grants Pass on Sunday, July 17. RVM: Can you share three songs from your current playlist

A balm for the past two years, Jonathan Foster is a singer-songwriter in the John Denver or John Prine vein. He performs on Wednesday, April 27 in Medford at Johnny B’s. He recently caught up with the Messenger for a quick Q&A. RVM: Who are some of your musical heroes?