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There are so many ways that people, without knowing, are limiting their potential to achieve great things in life. Once you are familiar with this particular issue you can proceed in establishing the changes you want to achieve in your life. The fact that you are reading this article is

The instability in the United States currently may have you wanting to learn more about self-defense. For example, there have been more people exploring gun ownership and even things like bulletproof body army. There are also tactical training classes that you might be thinking about, and as a civilian, these

Oregon-based Black Studies educator and writer, Walidah Imarisha, wrote that Oregon was “founded as a racist white utopia,” and after over a week of protests following the death of George Floyd, I’m inclined to believe that we are closer to those roots than most of us are comfortable admitting. I

Let’s be frank. Assumptions and false labeling. Grouping and generalizing. This is what has been done to the feminist movement, a group whose aim is advocacy for women’s rights and equal opportunity. Based on that definition, most women would identify as a feminist, but why is the number of self-identified

  If you’ve read previous columns you know my disdain for the word “marijuana” as it has been used in recent U.S. history. The usurping of a colloquial Mexican term by government and economic power-players in the U.S. with the evil intentions of utilizing race to gain further economic gain

It’s a new year—and a new decade—and I hereby declare this to be the “decade of cannabis.” The legalization of hemp in the U.S. at the end of 2018 opened the floodgates of access the cannabis plant for the country. Now, the 50,000 rumored uses for one of the world’s

Filling the Social Consumption Void for the 5th Year Running Have you ever dreamed of an event where great music is playing, people everywhere are getting high together and a young stoner in a Santa suit is passing out endless goodies from a bag filled with cannabis? Sounds like a

Remember that saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Well, the heavy population of hemp-CBD advocates who have been demanding rules to govern this newly legalized crop just got our wish—in the worst way. One hundred sixty-one pages of new rules just took a pot-shot (pun intended) at our burgeoning

If you run in the cannabis circles of Southern Oregon, the rumors had already started to circulate when I received an email Monday morning, October 15, that supposedly confirmed the growing concerns. Suicide by a hemp farmer. I’m so saddened to hear something like this hit our community. This is

I could cannavangelize for hours about the detrimental effects of cannabis prohibition. In fact, I do. Have you heard the weekly podcast I host, Local Smoke Radio? Individuals, families and entire communities still suffer at the hands of cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs. And now that businesses and