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Violence and security are the most significant problems in Latin American countries. According to the ranking from theCitizen’s Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, the top 10 most violent cities in the world are located in Latin America. Moreover, Latin America has 43 of the 50 most violent urban

After nearly two decades, Medford is teed up for a new mayor. All three candidates have solid civic experience–two current council members and one former police chief.  We hear from councilmember Kevin Stine about his insights for the upcoming challenges, and what he brings to the job. Rogue Valley Messenger:

Last year, Randy Sparacino retired after nearly 30 years with the Medford Police Department, including serving as its chief. Apparently retirement wasn’t the right fit, as Sparacino is attempting to step back into public life, as he is campaigning to be Medford’s next mayor, a seat being vacated after 16

A Review of Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats’ Latest Album, Cletus: What is Progressive Psychobilly Folk Grass? Among other things, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats say that “it’s a goat chewing on a can” and “southern Appalachian, gypsy porch swing.” On Cletus, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats’

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed how we work, learn, and socialize. Not only are many parents now furloughed or trying to work from home, but their children have been unable to go to school or take advantage of childcare programs for the past few months. And even as

With taunt editing, a steady drumbeat of a narrative and a magnetic central character, Take Out Girl tells the story of a dutiful daughter-turned-gangster. Both gritty and sleek, the film is tough, engaging, and charming—and a preface for a star-to-be, the director and co-writer Hisonni Mustafa. Affable and talented, Mustafa has

Written and directed by award-winning director Mark A. Levinson (Particle Fever), The Bit Playerisa an enjoyably comprehensive feature film about American mathematician and “Father of Information Theory,” Claude E. Shannon, and the unparalleled shift he unassumingly created for technology and humanity today. The fact that you can text a friend

What would I do if I knew this was the last day of my life? While we’ve all likely pondered this hypothetical question at some point, few of us have been faced with the reality of making the decision—and even fewer have had to do so while seeking solace on

Grocery lists, laundry piles, and endless errands. Oh…the ever-so-glamourous life of a mother! While these types of dreaded duties may sound more like the makings of a horror film than a comedy, local narrative short, UberMom, is anything but dark, portraying ordinary obligations such as these in lighthearted and comical

Most of us can relate to the feeling of lost normalcy lately—leaving home without a face mask, or socializing with friends without a computer, for example. But while these forlorn conveniences rightfully elicit grief, there’s one group of people that’s also mourning the loss of something much bigger: closure. Yes,