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A more shortcoming for A.I. is its “intelligence” is a derivative of its creator. Meaning: By and large, programmers are white men. As such – and as M.I.T. researcher Joy Buolamwini finds out, facial recognition software tends not to fare so well with women or with persons of color. It

Marijuana has been illegal in America for the better part of a century, and it all started in 1911, with the need for a prescription for the sale of hemp, followed by the ban of marijuana across Maine, California, Indiana and Wyoming in 1913. After that, the ban of marijuana

Understand the uses, purpose, and types of urine drug tests, and make sure you are taking them for the right reasons. What Are Urine Tests, and Why Are They Important? Ever wondered why before entering any job, you are legally required to perform a urine test or more commonly known

Investigations surrounding baby powder have indicated that Johnson & Johnson, the leading manufacturer of baby talcum powder was aware that their product was potentially contaminated with asbestos. Ever since this news has been out, many consumers have been wondering ‘Does the use of baby powder result in cancer?’ Here is

We are often advised to be attentive while walking or cycling along the roads mainly because of the numerous potential dangers, which include reckless motorists. Even so, accidents can still happen to anyone. Being struck by a car is, without a doubt, scary and potentially detrimental to your health, more

Wrongful death claim cases involve an individual losing their life owing to the fault of another party. In a case of wrongful death, the defendant can be found guilty if the plaintiff or the surviving family of the victim can provide proof similar to what would be produced if the

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident in California it is important to remember that you might be entitled to financial compensation. The compensation you receive as a result of a personal injury lawsuit can help recover the cost of medical bills, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, lost

Being financially free is one of the best feelings in the world. But getting there involves tons of preparations and a lot of hard work. The goal is to make the money work for you instead of working hard your entire life for money that you forget to live. But

You have bought a very cheap iPhone but later found that it was blacklisted. The phone couldn’t get a signal, but there are no issues with the hardware. Although this sounds bad, there are lots of solutions available. When the network provider is blacklisting the phone, this means that it

Are you facing challenges to streamline the cash flow of your medical practice? If yes, then It’s the right time to adopt proactive strategies to optimize your revenue cycle management services. Because maxim revenue collection is essential to sustain your existence in the highly competitive healthcare industry. From collecting and