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What Do the Best Hiking Trails Include?

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You may think you don’t enjoy hiking. However, the real problem could be that you are looking for a good time in all the wrong places. Ask any serious hiker and they’ll tell you that some trails are more enjoyable than others. The last decade or so has also introduced apps that rate hikes and allow you to easily see where people are having an enjoyable time. So, before you write off hiking, give it a real shot and use this list to find a great trail in New Orleans.

A Difficulty Level That Matches Your Goals

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that nearly half of Americans are actively trying to lose weight. If you’re one of the many with this goal, hiking can provide the perfect bundle of beautiful nature and intense weight training to help you shed some pounds. There are blogs and videos about how to incorporate weight-loss strategies into hiking.

You may find that the type of hike perfect for your weight goals is rather intense. Maybe you’re looking for something less strenuous. Be sure to look for reviews for hikes in your area to make sure your hike isn’t more of a grind than you want it to be. Perhaps you’re looking to hike with a group of people with a wide spectrum of physical conditions. Once again, you’ll want to identify a hike that is appropriate for the people hiking. Picking a hike of the right difficulty is the first place to start.

Restrooms and Other Amenities

Something that will undoubtedly make for a poor experience is going on a long hike and needing desperately to go to the bathroom without a facility in sight. Hiking is a bit like exploring a culturally vibrant city such as New Orleans, which was founded in 1718, you never know what surprises you’ll find along the way.

The difference is that a porta potty when you need one shouldn’t be a surprise, but rather an expectation. If you think nature may call while you are exploring it, make sure to do your research and find a hike with a proper pit stop. Other amenities, such as benches and water fountains, should also be taken into consideration. There are apps and blogs that will tell where every important landmark, manmade or natural, is along the way.

Peaceful Places to Meditate

Hiking can be as good or better for your mental health than your physical health. Being out in nature and having some solitude to think and breathe does a world of good. Speaking of breathing, it’s the most frequent activity the human body engages in, with more than 25,000 breaths occurring on a daily basis. Taking deep breaths in the great outdoors soothes the soul, and hikes that have more opportunities to take in beautiful scenes while breathing deeply are optimal.

For you, that ideal setting might be in the shade of giant trees. Or, it could be somewhere along the coastline with unfettered views of blue water. Perhaps you prefer hikes that will lead to some exciting encounters with wildlife. A great habit could be taking a moment to write in a journal during and/or after your hike. If you do this, you can look back and remember which types of hikes had the right mixture of nature for you to come away feeling the best.

Hopefully, this advice gives you enough to give hiking a fair shake. Or, if you already enjoy it, perhaps you’ve thought of some things that can give you an even better experience. Like many things, it’s about being able to properly identify what you enjoy and seek out things that have those elements. Hiking in New Orleans can be tremendously beneficial to your physical and mental health, so making the most of it may just get you addicted to a habit that keeps giving and giving.

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