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Josephine County Sheriff candidate: Jonathan Knapp

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RVM: What inspired you to run for this position?

JK: As a resident of Josephine County, I am disappointed in the services we are currently receiving and the constant request for additional funds, I feel I can resolve those issues. I have a passion for service and a unique law enforcement experience which motivates me to seek the Office of Sheriff.

RVM: What unique skill are you bringing to this position?

JK: I have over 40 years of management and supervisory experience including Finance Officer with The Salvation Army and almost 20 years with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office under Sheriff Joe Arpaio which provides me with leadership and management skills beyond those of the current administration. I am a business owner and serve on half a dozen local non-profit and/or government boards, I am extremely active in our community and bring a level of management experience to the Sheriff’s Office which is desperately needed it this time.

RVM: What do you think Josephine County needs most, and how will you make that happen?

JK: We need permanent funding for our Sheriff’s Office, I will work to provide transparency in our current finances so that when the voters are asked to participate in a funding solution, they will be fully informed as to how much money is truly needed and where those funds will be used. I will work with our local business owners to develop additional non-tax funding options through an annual fundraising event and reduce expenses of non-critical or non-law enforcement projects. I plan to hold regular town hall meetings so that the public knows exactly what their Sheriff’s Office is doing and they will have the opportunity to provide needed feedback and recommendations.

RVM: What positive thing can you say about your opponent?

JK: My opponent has served our community through Law Enforcment for many years, it is not an easy job and I appreciate the fact that he provided the services that helped the citizens of Grants Pass.

RVM: Your favorite historical leader and why:

JK: Abraham Lincoln, I admire the fact that he never gave up. He knew what he wanted in life and worked every day to get where he wanted to be and in so inspired so many others. His contributions to the America we live in today went far beyond what even he envisioned. Lincoln was a natural leader and his leadership style is still taught today.

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