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Grants pass city Council ward 3: Curt Collins

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RVM: What inspired you to run for this position?

CC: I have long been interested in municipal governance. I have spent much of the summers of my youth here and decided to move here in 1986. The area has been good to me. Much of my personal successes were a direct result of having made this my home. It only made sense to give back to a city which had given me so much. I began by serving 3yrs on the budget committee. I learned a lot about how services are funded.

RVM: What unique skill are you bringing to this position?

CC: I’ve had a long successful career in technical sales culminating in the position of Vice President of sales and Marketing at Pacific Crest Transformers. In that period, I faced many challenges, and made very sound decisions after analysis of the situation and resulted in significant growth of the company. I do not come to this position with an agenda or driven by an ideology. Just a pragmatic view and sound decision making.

RVM: What do you think Josephine County needs most, and how will you make that happen?

CC: The county needs to grow responsibly and attract new employers to town, preferably good manufacturing jobs and innovation. To make this happen will need a number of steps. Including targeted workforce training, more available and affordable housing, and extending infrastructure to the Spaulding business park.

RVM: What positive thing can you say about your opponent?

CC: I really know nothing about my opponent.

RVM: Your favorite historical leader and why?

CC: A hobby of mine is reading biographies of the founding fathers and past presidents. I was impressed with Alexander Hamilton long before he became a Broadway icon. His personal story of emigrating from the West Indies to becoming Washington’s right hand man is very inspiring and no one person has had more impact of the structure of the country that we live in than he.


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