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Grants Pass City Council candidate: Joel King

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RVM: What inspired you to run for this position? 

JK: I have a desire to give back to my community and believe everyone should add value, whether in the private or public sector, to each others’ lives.

RVM: What unique skill are you bringing to this position? 

JK: I am a good listener, I am inclusive including those who disagree.  I have experience from the past 35 years in effective public involvement, policy decisions, planning, and consensus building in the public arena.

RVM: What do you think Josephine County needs most, and how will you make that happen?

JK: We need to build an even better sense of community to use conflicts to solve homeless issues, housing issues, parks, public infrastructure, and public safety.  One can facilitate all community members to listen to each other and make appropriate priorities and investments for our collective future.

RVM: What positive thing can you say about your opponent?

JK: She is young and enthusiastic.

RVM: Your favorite historical leader and why?

JK: I have at least two leaders that I admire:

Abraham Lincoln:  He included political opponents in his cabinet, make decisions based upon the desired future of the country, and had the courage to stand up for what is right and true.  He was paid for his service with his death.

George Washington:  Mr. Washington risked his life, his family’s health, and his fortune to build a government based upon human dignity, grace, and respect.  He was not perfect, but he always make decisions for the best of the country, not for the power of his position and office.


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