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There may be no summer activity more summery than hitting the open road and getting the fudge out of dodge. Especially after all this smoke. But you can’t road trip without the tunes. So we made a mix of songs perfect for the open road, featuring a selection of classics

In addition being the best invention ever to fly off some sweet jumps, the bicycle has long been the muse of songwriters. So we went and rounded up a bunch of bike songs from bands like Queen, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Rubblebucket, Reptar, Pink Floyd and Mitch Murder.

This issue of The Messenger publishes on July 23, a day in history that marks one of the biggest riots/uprisings in American history: The 12th Street Riots in Detroit. After police raided an underground bar called The Blind Pig, the confrontation escalated, with Gov. Romney and President Johnson sending in

Yes, yes, weed is now legal. But we’ve all made pot mixtapes before, including this reporter. And there’s another major news item that we haven’t yet mixified: marriage equality enshrined by the Supreme Court. And while we could be cliché, packing it with Elton John, we went another route, compiling

  As an early holiday gift to late-night comedians, Donald Trump just launched his “I’m totally serious you guys,” campaign for president. Before he spoke a single word of his announcement speech, he had already stepped in it, because the song he chose to enter to was Neil Young’s “Rocking

Lots of musicians publish tell-all memoirs. Some tell a little more than others, like The Dirt, the collective autobiography of Motley Crue, which is a thrilling, though somewhat tawdry read. But those books are often written by ghostwriters, not the artists themselves. I recently found a copy of Woody Guthrie’s