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RVM: You have an interesting background.  You grew up on an apple orchard in Vermont.  It is logical to assume that is where the interest to move to the Illinois Valley comes from—and to co-found the Cave Junction Farmers’ Market?    Christopher Hall: Yes, my interest to move to the

Rogue Valley Messenger: There is quite a robust lineup this year.  What is the decision making process for determining what plays to present?  SAO: As our name implies, we meet together to discuss scripts and ideas for each season. In crafting the 2020 Season, we wanted fun, yet thought-provoking material

Serving the region, the newly open SNYP Clinic in Talent, is exactly what its letters stand for: spay and neutering pets. We caught up the nonprofit’s Board president, Sally Mackler, to find out how the clinic came about—and the scope of the problem they hope to, well, neuter.   Rogue Valley

On a recent stop in downtown Ashland, I popped into Ashland Art Center—and was immediately greeted by a painting of a cow (what you see on this issue’s cover). I was smitten. Something about the creature’s smirk was infectious.  That sly smile—and the painting—are a window to a larger story,

Bear Creek is a defining natural feature for the region, but it also has been defined by pollution and trash over the decades. Not so much anymore! Do call it a comeback: Over the past several years, Bear Creek has enjoyed a restoration, and in no small part because residents

An Interview with David Allaway, Senior Policy Analyst at Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.    Rogue Valley Messenger: The Waste Prevention Strategy was adopted in 2007. Can you talk about how this plays out in southern Oregon?  David Allaway: The 2007 Strategy was an early document, and has since been

Rogue Valley Messenger: Your organization indicates that birds are indicator species. What are birds in southern Oregon currently telling us?   John Alexander: Results from our long-term monitoring and research show that many western forest birds are in decline, likely as a result of intensive forest and river management, including fire

Rogue Valley Messenger: Sanctuary One takes care of cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and even alpacas. What is the oddest animal you have been requested to take care of? Megan Flowers: We bring in companion and farm animals, but recently someone asked us to take in a buffalo. Unfortunately, we weren’t

Rogue Valley Messenger: The adage is never act with dogs or kids! Can you make a good counter-argument?    Yes! Especially if you’re working with a kid who is pretending to be a dog, then you get the best of both worlds. Okay, we can’t really speak to the dog

  Rogue Valley Messenger: Where does one start when talking about Southern Oregon Jobs With Justice? The organization works on many fronts. How about, what is the biggest threat right now to job security for many of the people you work with? Jason Houk: We organize our marginalized communities, labor