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The Rogue Valley Messenger publishes, Southern Oregon's daily alternative for community news and arts & entertainment. Covering Merlin to Mt. Ashland and Crater Lake to Cave Junction, delivers high-quality and engaging information to the public while providing local businesses with innovative and cost-effective marketing solutions including advertising, social media promotions, press services, and editorial search engine marketing. The Rogue Valley Messenger also offers a wide array of media services, including graphic design, start-up assistance, business strategy, branding, band bookings and press, event production, email marketing, SEO, SEM and many others.

While parents may hate to hear it, there are some benefits to taking a year off for yourself after you graduate college. It isn’t for everybody, especially if you already have an employer lined up, but for others, it can be a very positive experience. Here are some of the

The 2021 Academy Awards – better known as the Oscars – will take place almost four weeks from now. And even though 2020 wasn’t all that we desired from a cinematographic point of view, there are some very good contenders for the prizes. And a big part of the awards

The online casino industry is one of exponential growth, especially over the past few years. With many businesses moving online, many casinos have followed suit and are now online as well. The online casino business is booming with new casinos launching every day. The main attraction to these online casinos

Psilocybe mushroom is a kind of mushroom that possesses a hallucinogenic and proactive compound called psilocybin. The mushroom is quite famous globally, which is why it has many street names. They call psilocybe mushrooms other names such as toppings, caps, Alice, or shrooms. But out of all the street names,

Photo credit:  Meghan Holmes on Unsplash Since people have adapted to the world crisis, the digital world is one way to get things done daily. If you want to continue working out and want to have some kind of plan to help you become physically fit, you should consider joining an online

Banana, strawberry, berry, fruit and vegetable: just thinking about these smoothies makes you dizzy. Even freshly squeezed juice beats this delicacy: smoothies retain the fiber and vitamins contained in the products without missing any of the beneficial components. It makes you as energized as playing at National Casino or having

After a long 11-year term leading the Pac-12 through ups and downs, Commissioner Larry Scott will be leaving his position on June 30, 2021. The Pac-12 Conference announced the decision after ongoing discussions between the parties, who came to a mutual agreement that it was time to renew the leadership.

In 1977, Star Wars comics had their debut through being published by several publishers since the release of the Star Wars film franchise. And in the same year, Marvel Studios established its brand through a series of six-issue of comic adaptations of their film, followed by the release of 107

Electric violins are standard violins with built-in electronic components. They have been just recently introduced to the public so its credibility is not that high compared to the traditional acoustic violins. But its features are quite distinct for it is easier to master, especially for beginners, and not high maintenance.

A glowing piece of Portland’s long hockey legacy was lost recently when Art Jones died on Feb. 3 at the age of 86. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, when the Portland Buckaroos were the scourge of the Western Hockey League – it was a minor pro loop back then,