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7 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accident Fatalities 

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Motorcyclists are 25x more likely than vehicle passengers to die in a car crash and 5x more likely to suffer a severe injury. If you choose to ride motorcycles, you should learn the common causes of motorcycle-based accidents, so you can prevent them well before they occur.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer After an Accident 

Directly after an accident, call 911 to request an officer and ambulance. If you’re unable to, flag someone down and request medical attention. Take photos of your motorcycle, obtain witness names, and ask for the other driver’s information (or request a witness to do all of this for you).

Since motorcyclists are more likely to experience severe injury after a crash, they should always go to the doctor or hospital for a check-up. Don’t forget to get a copy of your medical records.

As soon as you’re able, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer, like Gallagher & Kennedy in Phoenix, and your insurer to start the settlement process. A great lawyer can maximize the results of your claim and instruct you on what to do (and not do) while you’re awaiting trial. 

7 Common Causes of Motorcycle-Based Accident Fatalities 

There’s nothing like getting on your motorcycle and hitting the open road in the summer, but make sure you do so safely. 

Here are 7 common causes of motorcycle-based accident fatalities.

1. Left-Hand Turn Collisions

A left-hand turn collision often occurs because a turning car hits the motorcycle when going straight through an intersection. If a motorcyclist tries to pass the car or overtake the vehicle, the car driver could hit them if they’re distracted. The person making the left turn is usually at fault.

2. Hazardous Road Conditions

If a motorcyclist drives over uneven pavement, loose gravel, or slippery surfaces, they could lose control and get thrown off their ride. If they’re wearing a helmet and protective gear, the damage is minimized. With that said, risk of death increases at faster speeds or on busy roads.

3. Head-On Motorcycle Collisions

According to the NHTSA, 56% of motorcycle accident fatalities happen between a motorcycle and another vehicle, and 78% of these accidents are head-on collisions. Since these accidents occur at high speeds, the motorcyclist is either injured or diseased after a head-on collision. 

4. Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Motorcyclists may hover between two lanes as they’re smaller and more mobile. But lane spitting can cause a major accident if the other drivers don’t expect the motorcyclist to pass them. While motorcyclists shouldn’t split lanes, drivers must pay attention to their surroundings. 

5. Speeding and Alcohol Use

It’s never a good idea to drink and drive, but it still happens. Motorcyclists will either die because they drank before driving or a drunk driver hit them. Some motorcyclists love to speed, sober or otherwise, even though it isn’t safe. All drivers should slow down and avoid consuming alcohol. 

6. Sharp Turns on a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are able to make sharp turns. However, problems arise when the motorcyclist tries to correct themselves in the middle of a turn. This can cause them to lose control and wipe out or hit another vehicle. Sharp turns are even more dangerous in hazardous road conditions.

7. Distracted Car Drivers

The biggest cause of motorcycle accident fatalities is distracted drivers. Passenger cars should be able to see a motorcycle at all times but will often turn into a motorcyclist anyway. While it’s true that the bike is small, it isn’t small enough to detect on clear or sunny days.

Motorcyclists have to watch out for potentially negligent drivers, as they can’t trust them to follow the rules. If a car is turning into them, they should get out of the way to save their life.




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