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A Sneak Peek at the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq

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Cadillac is tired of waiting in the wings and watching other luxury brands getting accolades. Its 2024 release of the Celestiq seems to be its answer to other makers of luxury automobiles. An Edmonton Cadillac dealer says that preorders are open and for those seeking an opportunity to flaunt the newest and possibly most exciting luxury car of 2024, that waitlist is sure to be filling up.

Hand-Built and Customized

The press is already reacting to the projected release, admiring the sleek appearance of the exterior and the real-leather luxury interior. But this car won’t be within the reach of just anyone. Instead of being production-line produced by robots, Cadillac has chosen real people to do the job by hand and each car will be a bespoke item that customers will have a hand in designing for themselves.

Massive Power But Range Rather Average

While the styling of the Celestiq will be up to its customers, the powertrain is all Cadillac. Its new flagship car will come with a dual-motor all-wheel drive which is said to be capable of producing 600 horsepower. Cadillac is talking about some very nippy acceleration with only 3.8 seconds needed to go from 0 to 60 miles an hour. That’s very similar to what you’d expect from an entry-level sports car, but journalists speculate that the actual ride will match the new Cadillac’s appearance: smooth, luxurious, but not built for adrenaline-filled thrills.

The power behind all this will be delivered by a battery pack with a range of about 300 miles for every charge. It should certainly be enough for most people, but it’s not the biggest range currently on the market. However a fast charge of just 10 minutes should deliver around 78 miles, so neither range nor charging time look like dealbreakers.

Interior Luxuries

As you’d expect, the finishes and design of the car’s interior reflect sheer luxury and a supersized infotainment system display similar to Mercedes’s “hyperscreen” plus dedicated displays for rear seat passengers and 3D surround sound add to the overall impression.

The electrochromic glass panel roof will be sure to impress Celestiq owners and their passengers. The opacity of the glass can be adjusted at will, and each person in the car will be able to control the opacity for their area of the car.  Wood, brushed metal and leather round out the interior and even the cargo-space is leather-lined.

Those of us who have been pimping our rides with everything from neon lights to bucket seats can expect to be cast well-and-truly into the shade with an elegant interior that we can’t hope to match.

Driver Assistance

As far as safety and driver-assistance features go, the new Cadillac will have everything that drivers these days expect, and since it’s up against Tesla, there’s a “hands-free” driving mode with adaptive cruise control. Lane departure and lane-keeping assist as well as automated emergency braking are standard.

Celestiq: Super-High-End Luxury

All in all, the Celestiq is working to equal or better all the latest trends in automotive technology for an extremely sleek “family” car that’s setting itself up as a very real competitor within its price range. Needless to say, that price range is going to be the barrier that prevents the Celestiq from being the choice of the average Joe, but then again, it was never designed to be “average.”

We’ll be looking forward to the big launch in 2024, and even before that, we expect to see the motoring press get their opportunity to evaluate Cadillac’s latest offering with reference to how it stacks up against the competition in real driving tests. For now, if you’re hoping to be the first on the block to drive one, you’d better get your order in!





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