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It takes time to learn a new language, and even longer to learn a new culture. Not to mention the cost of travel. Enter the closest thing to actually visiting another country: AIFF’s World Film Week, September 30 through October 6. Breathtaking and heart wrenching stories as only locals can

While merely a fantastical proposal for some, the “State of Jefferson” is a real place for many. The Rogue Valley is located solidly inside the mythical state that has never been recognized, though several counties in Southern Oregon and quite a few in Northern California are on the list of

Forget Hollywood—the Rogue Valley, it seems, is an up-and-coming rival for the epicenter of filmmaking, and these local talents are ready to strut their stuff at area film festivals: the Jefferson State Flixx Festival (JSFF) September 21 – 25 and the Klamath Independent Film Festival (KIFF) September 30 – October

Last November, with little fanfare, Medford City Council voted 6-2 to enact a ban on outdoor marijuana grows in the city limits, a ban that would have pulled the plug on 1,942 state-licensed marijuana growers in Medford, roughly one-third of the licensed growers in Jackson County. But because the vote

The past couple years for Southern Oregon University’s athletics have been exciting. With their football team at the top of the nation in their league, a women’s basketball team making the championship game last year, and the softball team making national playoffs. It is no surprise the athletic department is

As part of our continued coverage leading up to local elections, we caught up with Theo White, who is challenging councilmember Greg Lemhouse. Rogue Valley Messenger: What is your “calling card” issue for this campaign?   Theo White: I want to get people involved in the political process on a

Last month, in A Brief Insight Into Diabetes Part I, I discussed the basic tenets of Type II diabetes, the form of the illness that is increasing in epidemic proportions. I focused primarily on lifestyle changes. This month, I am going to focus more on testing and treatment. If you

In spite of its name, the Secret Book Club isn’t really a book, not the traditional four corners of a printed page way, or even the 21st century Kindle sort of presentation. It is, well, magical. It is organic and interactive storytelling. Cynthia Salbato, who signs her emails “superpowered wishes”

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  Displaying art in coffee shops is perhaps one of the most democratic art galleries around, an easy way to take the snobbery out of, well, displaying art. Moreover, with every piece of art sold at Café 116, the commission goes toward Ashland High Arts Advocates (AHAA), an organization that

The Winter’s Tale is a story about jealousy, friendship, and loyalty as a king goes mad, fearing that his pregnant queen has been unfaithful—and for this season’s production, director Desdemona Chiang sets the story in dynastic China. It is both an opportunity to present the characters with a certain unique

After a couple rather punishing decades, with sugary and boozy drinks like Long Island Iced Teas and coyly named ones like Sex on the Beach and Slippery Nipples, where often the function of simply getting drunk overrode the drink’s form and fashion, the cocktail has made a steady comeback since

For this edition of Drink Local, instead of a local beer or wine, we turn to a local bartender. Alchelmy’s Bar Manager Jen Akin shares her thoughts about gin, and a couple recipes. I’ve never heard a person be “on the fence” about gin. The thought of drinking the juniper-forward

On a recent cool, smoky night in Ashland, nature’s own special effects couldn’t be more fitting for Shakespeare’s genre-defining revenge play. In this updated version of the familiar story, the deliciously dark pairing of drama and heavy metal floats like an eerie ghost above the audience. Dressed in boots and

  Although each distinct, a trio of artists currently showing at Rogue Gallery & Art Center manage to triangulate notions about the cool and tense relationship between industry and humanity; or, perhaps, more accurately, about how technology is erasing something vibrant in the living. The exhibit that began August 5



It’s said that everything old is new again. That’s certainly the case with combination of prog and metal that typified late 1970s rock—the sound of Ohio Knife, who will be performing at Johnny B’s in Medford on Tuesday, Sept. 27. The Cincinnati band has shades of ‘70s acts like Deep

Phoenix band Group Hug? could use some work on its messaging. For starters, there’s that dasdardly question mark in its name. What’s that all about? Then there’s the name of its new EP, released on August 31: A Collection of Demos, a title that makes it seems more like a
The Helio Sequence

Southern Oregon has long been a flyover market for rising market bands. But after gassing up here enough times, they occasionally scratch their head and say, “why not?” Portland indie-rock royalty, The Helio Sequence (comprised of singer Brandon Summers and ex-Modest Mouse drummer Benjamin Weikel) have used Ashland as a