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Short films are the incubator of cinema. Whether from a new talent stretching their wings or experienced hands trying out new visual styles and techniques, short films present a less expensive, faster alternative to the epic struggles of long-form filmmaking. Often, a short film—typically, five to thirty minutes in length—is

Rogue Valley Messenger: Your company seems to be at an important crossroads of trends –with more and more household items dependent on batteries, and with a continued concern about sustainability. Any predictions for how people will get their energy for household items ten years from now—and from what sources. Brett

A filmmaker is always studying and learning from other filmmakers, drawing from long developed skills and enriching talent. Local filmmaker Ron Huffstutter has been learning from others for years, leading to founding his own film company. “I’ve spent the last five years in Southern Oregon working in the independent film

We Answer Questions about Monuments The debate over President Obama’s expansion of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument is as complex as the ecosystem of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. To the (in alphabetical order) botanists, business-owners, campers, ecologists, entomologists, environmentalists, evolutionary biologists, foresters, geologists, hikers, horseback riders, hunters, Native peoples,

From working the nightshift at Sawyer Paddles as a college student to becoming the president and designer of the company, Peter “Crazy-Pete” Newport understands the meaning of dedication more than most. Outdoor sports enthusiast and professional, Peter Newport has been integral to the 50 year old paddle, oar, raft, and

Cocktails are an adult activity. They are not grabbing a brewskie with compadres. They are not sipping chilled Pinot Gris on the deck while the kids run rampant through the backyard. Cocktails are intentional. They smooth away rough edges, calm frayed nerves. A drink can reduce left-brain chatter just enough

Like the burning streets of Hamburg, 15th century England degenerates amidst belligerence and civil war. Seditious forces seek to subvert the crown of King Henry IV, while he is ill and despondent at home, conjoining his jeweled crown with striped pajamas. The tempestuous clamor of Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Henry IV

Laughter pours out of a room full of paint and easels. The longer the night goes on the louder the laughter grows, and by the end everyone poses with the same paintings, the night’s instructor, Tika Nicole Weeks, smiling right along with them. Owner, artist, and art instructor Visions of

One hundred and seventeen years ago, when the Rogue Valley as we know it was still in its nascent stages, the Talent Train Depot was established, releasing the village from its isolation. In this age of globalization, when trains have become an obsolete commodity, the depot has been remodeled into

A rookie director working with a cast of the A-list, veteran actors in town. Intense competition for the season’s hottest tickets amongst the town’s citizens, and potentially crushing disappointment for those who won’t get a seat. A courageous band of selfless believers in live community theater battling colossal media companies

Hey, my job is not to say yay or nay: much as I like to tell people what to do, I’ve been convinced that it’s not an effective way to create health. My higher calling, when I remind myself, is to provide you with all the information on your question


A few years back I attended a panel at SXSW entitled: “album release strategies for the future.” It had the prerequisite discussions of social media and internet strategy for looking forward. But what I found odd was that it only seemed to focus on albums whose production was still rooted

It is said those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. But fans of Sacramento’s Ghost Town Rebellion, playing at Howiees on Front on July 21, have nothing to worry about. Because while they are tossing back drinks and cuttin’ rugs, they are also getting a history lesson—whether they

Most bands form when a couple of college friends realize they all play guitar and just have a few ideas they want to jam out. Oakland-based indie group Felsen–who will be playing at Johnny B’s on Sat., July 22–was formed under very different circumstances, circumstances that can be heard in