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Kay Brooks Rogue Valley Messenger: You have served on city committees. How has that experience either prepared or inspired you to run for council? Kay Brooks: Serving as a Housing and Community Development Commissioner for the City has provided a profound opportunity to better understand the breadth of needs and desires

Tim D’Alessandro Rogue Valley Messenger: What did you learn from your previous campaigns? When I ran in 2014, I learned the importance of meeting as many people in the ward as possible and listening to what they would like to see happen if I were elected to serve on the

Perhaps the one thing Democrats, Republicans and Independents can agree on is that it has been a scary election season. For our Halloween issue, we asked a handful of candidates and elected officials about their tricks and their treats. It isn’t hard-nosed journalism, but we sure learned a lot about

Two years ago, Cassandra Davis and her partner Joshua Graner started Essential Wipes, a simple specialty wipe using natural ingredients. It has taken off! Already, they have filled more than 10,000 orders and are waiting to hear if NASA will pick them up as a contractor. On a recent autumn

  Amid all the costume parties, trick-or-treating and pumpkin patches of the season, a look up at the sky might be a welcome change of pace. The Grants Pass Astronomers, a club dedicated to surveying the night sky, will host a Star Party on Friday, October 21 at Redwood Park.

Medford City Council Candidates: The Good, Bad and Email Ugly Over the past couple weeks, we reached out to candidates for offices in Medford. With three seats open, and a changing political center and demographic in that city, there is a wide field for the positions, and a great possibility

Yes, this ecoregion is a wondrous place. So much so that the international Union for the Conservation of Nature has named it an Area of Global Botanical Significance and it is proposed as a World Heritage Site and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Yet in spite of this recognition, there are still

It is worth bringing up sweets again. After all, we are now less than two weeks away from Halloween and it also is part of the Jewish tradition at this time of year to consume apples and honey, a gastronomic wish for a sweet new year.   The 21st century

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From Anderson Valley Brewing Company to Standing Stone Brewing Company, Acacia Cooper (pronounced Uh-KAY-shuh), 28, has an impressive rap sheet. Originally from Bend, Cooper joined Climate City Brewing in late May as their new brewmaster, taking the spot of Brandon Crews who left for Wild River Brewing and Pizza Co.

Artwork revolving around a Halloween theme can be construed as haunting and terrifying, but also beautiful. From sculptures of old clown dolls to glass-painted pictures utilizing bright oranges, purples, and shades of grey, Halloween-themed art can be regarded just as pleasing to the eye as other, more traditional forms of

Ginger Johnson starts her day by making breakfast and walking her eight-and-a-half-year-old lab, Hops. “After that, all bets are off,” she says. The Talent resident runs her own business, Women Enjoying Beer (WEB). Her days aren’t typical, she says; anything from giving a Ted Talk to presenting at a restaurant

Steven Remington is glad to be back home. An Oregonian at heart, he has gained experience guiding various non-profits throughout the Northwest and beyond, including his most recent Executive Director position at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Idaho, and is excited to be back “home” and to take the

Sometimes you get the greatest combination when you pair the two unlikeliest things together––like the friendship of Legolas and Gimli in Lord of the Rings, syrup on bacon and eggs, or a kitten befriending a duckling. Another unlikely pairing that actually works is H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and puppets. Yes, puppets.

Lately, there has been a rising tide of film festivals in the region—and, in its fourth year, the Oregon Coast Film Festival is adding to that cinematic wave. (C’mon, two puns, one sentence!) With documentaries about fishermen, coastal birds and marine life, the festival is a unique and beautiful tribute



Frankly, the story of Yeesh is pretty generic. Three boys met at a small town college, made some racket, and then eventually decided to move to the big city (Chicago) to make a go of it. What isn’t as generic is the band’s sound. Though the songs have clear melodies

“We like to create a relationship with our audience as equals,” says guitarist Billy Kingsborough of the aptly named group Kingsborough. And they’ve proven quite adept at making that connection. Though their upcoming gig at Johnny B’s on Thurs., October 27 will be the band’s first trip into the Pacific

Growing up in the Nintendo and Depeche Mode ruled ’80s certainly started me down the path, but the stellar soundtrack to Stranger Things on Netflix, has plunged me deep into a reborn synthesizer fever. And that can be a rough affliction to have here in string band obsessed So-O. There