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Salmon fishing ended more than a month ago, and there are conservation reasons to let the spawning fish be. But there is also the practical reason not to fish salmon right now; that is, salmon who are spawning simply do not eat. Oh sure, points out “Pritch,” who identified himself

The cyclocross races hosted by the Southern Oregon Outlaws are rarely quiet. At a recent event, a few people line a muddy course; they whistle and hoot, and bang on cow bells. Riders swing around a hairpin turn, and, without slowing any forward momentum, swing a leg off their bikes,

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thurs 1 Breaking Pattern ART—Pattern, optical and perceptual abstract painting give a person the opportunity to contemplate the meaning of life, along with a trusty glass of wine in hand. Crater Lake Cellars will be pouring for the opening reception of Breaking Pattern, a display of paintings by seven multi-generational

Sure, the stock market has been a bit up-and-down lately, Pope Francis gently scolded our Congress last week and stores are starting to stock Christmas decorations already. But in the grand scheme, we have it pretty good here in the United States. A unifying theme of the Varsity World Film

Migraines are one of the most debilitating and enigmatic of all chronic conditions. Over 30 million people suffer with migraine headaches. That’s one out of ten Americans. They dramatically affect quality of life in the short term, as 75 percent of sufferers (called “migraineurs”) must postpone activities and 50 percent
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Pole-vaulting and bobsledding aren’t for everyone. That’s why there is the equalizing “Toilet-seat Horseshoes” event at The Redneck Games at the Jackson County Expo and the Hoover Ponds on October 3 and 4. And if toilet-seats don’t strike your fancy, perhaps showing off your truck’s horsepower in a tug-o-war will
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Luis Alfaro is a renowned artist and activist, his creative legacy is substantial and potent, and his conversation is filled with tales of travel and casual literary name-dropping. He’s exactly the kind of person you want to see representing your region at a yearly conference focused on community and the
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When Rogue Coffee Roasters was informed by their landlords of seven years that they would have to leave their beloved location on G Street in Grants Pass, many were heartbroken. The cozy and inviting space had been quite an improvement from the storage unit/garage that they had previously been roasting

In a new series, the Rogue Valley Messenger catches up with public officials in the region, and asks for their insights into local issues—and solutions. Retired banker Henry “Hank” Williams is the Mayor of Central Point and has won six consecutive elections; he also serves on the Rogue Valley Area

“The good news is they didn’t go up,” says Angus Duncan, speaking about greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon over the past decade. But, he adds, “the bad news is they didn’t go down.” For the past eight years, Duncan has chaired the Oregon Global Warming Commission, a group that makes



  Like so many young people, Matt Hopper had that one magic summer. Except for him, it wasn’t the time that he first drank a beer, saw a boob, and got one-up on a high school bully through an elaborate scheme involving a stolen monkey from the zoo. It was

What’s in a name? A lot. For example: The Goddamn Gallows, who will be playing at The G Street Bar and Grill in Grants Pass on October 9. That not-so-humble moniker evokes a wild, occasionally, brutal pioneer-era end for outlaws, and it does it emphatically. Just like the band’s wild,

  Once upon a time bands were formed, wrote some songs, played some gigs, got some buzz and then went into the studio to put it on wax. Those days are largely gone. The new mode is more of an auteur model, in which an artist labors away in the