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So, you want to start a business. Not sure what to do, though. Knowing your goal is Business Planning 101. Are you seeking fortunes or something to satisfy your soul? Let the Messenger brainstorm with you.

B-Corps are establishing the idea that corporations should care about more than profits In 1916, nearly a century ago, Henry Ford was busy building up the modern concept of the corporation—and perhaps surprisingly, Ford held what could be considered populist views; namely, he was consistently trying to drive down prices

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RVM: What is the main goal of the Center for Sustainability? NS: Initially, the idea was to get a farm going, and then we’ll think about what kind of educational efforts we’ll do around the farm. I think the idea was really to inspire students to think about eating sustainably,

Amount spent by Jackson County on March special election to implement a 25 percent tax on marijuana sales, a measure the county commission is expected to negate: $105,614.22 Amount in marijuana sales necessary in Jackson County to re-generate those funds spent on a special election, if the county receives an

The Ashland Art Center will hold the fourth installment of their annual fundraising event, Art Inspires Ashland, on Nov. 12 – 15. The event kicks off with a reception and presentation Thursday at 6 pm at the Historic Ashland Armory, where three artists––painter and author Gregg Kreutz, sculptor Kevin Christman

It is often said that artists don’t make great business people. But Donnie Maclurcan, an affiliate professor at Southern Oregon University and the director for Cascades Hub, a business incubator housed there, doesn’t necessarily agree. In a recent phone interview with the Messenger, Maclurcan laughed when asked whether right-brained artists


It used to be hard as fudge to put out an album. They were an expensive pain in the ass and no one made one on a whim. Computers have changed that, generally for the better. But sometimes it’s not as clear cut. That’s the case with It, a new

In early 2014, after a years-long run in the Denver indie band Postal Holiday, it’s four members decided it was time to scrap the band and do something fresh. But when they moved on to the next project, Space Suits for Indians, who will play at The Haul in Grants

“I’ve played everywhere I could possibly play in Washington so far,” says Bellingham electronic musician, Grant Eadie, better known as Manatee Commune “So I’m really excited to get out and explore the world.” Eadie’s explorations will bring him to the Historic Ashland Armory on Tuesday, November 17 as the opening

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An innocent mention of the health benefits of pumpkin seed oil by Dr. Oz on his TV show in 2013 led local Seed Oil Company’s owner Lisa Doyle to believe a mistake had been made. “I thought something was wrong with our email or someone was playing a trick on

BricktownE Brewery is more than, well, a brewery. It is, yes, also a restaurant, but more than that, they also seem to be positioned to be Medford’s rec room: Monday is trivia night, Tuesdays are free pool all day, and beer pong is on the way. The space is comfortable,

As he comes out of the paint booth, you can hear the smile on Keith Anderson’s face. “It came out great,” he beams. “It was a vintage restoration of a ’74 Jim Merz road bike in pearl white. That is one of my least favorite to paint because everything shows

In a tense moment in Suffragette, famed women’s rights activist Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep) bellows, “We don’t want to be lawbreakers; we want to be lawmakers!” to the cheers of women below. It’s one of approximately 30 highly quotable lines peppered throughout the film, providing more than enough fodder for
Dr. Deborah Gordon.WELLNESS

  Just before the witches came out of hiding last month, the World Health Organization scared the bejeezus out of meat eaters around the world, claiming that processed meat causes cancer, and red meat probably does. We’ve heard something like that before, but this time they said the danger is

Grants Pass isn’t known for art films—and that is exactly why the Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival is rolling into town on Thursday, November 12. Like a traveling circus bringing exotic cultures and animals, Wandering Reel is an LA-based group of filmmakers who curate collections of short films from around