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Using one of the two following prompts (or both, if you’re feeling dynamic), write a compelling short story. Entries will be received by our editorial staff, and a panel of esteemed judges will select their favorite five:  

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Mother’s Day weekend has seen downtown Medford transform into an oasis of art, education, performance, and community at the Art in Bloom Festival for the past fifteen years. This year will be no different. On May 7th and 8th, Vogel Plaza and the surrounding blocks of downtown Medford will be

“It cannot be stressed enough that an understanding and appreciation of music outside of the US (or at least ‘Western’ music) is instrumental in helping us not just understand, but truly appreciate other cultures,” says Tom Berich, leader of Maraval Road Steel Band. This local ten-member group is, in fact,

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Nationwide, public transit ridership in the United States is steadily climbing. According to the American Public Transportation Association, in 2013, Americans took 10.6 billion trips on transit, a steady one percent increase from the previous year—and, more important, the highest level of public transit ridership since 1956; not coincidentally, the

For centuries, traditional agrarian societies throughout Europe have celebrated the changing of seasons and the fertility of our planet with a May Day festival. By then, most farmers have finished seeding their fields and are ready to feast, play music and dance around the May Pole. If any of that

A lineup of eight brews—three seasonal and five year-round—are brewed on-sight, to headline a local/organic menu and operations plan that puts its money where it mouth is. Not just local ingredient sourcing, but increasingly local ingredient production, at the One Mile Farm just outside town; not just benefits and progressive

Life itself is a binge, as Julia Child once said, and beautiful food is a unique joy of living. Inspired chefs are artists in their industry—using fresh ingredients, complex flavors, and complementary color and texture combinations to make masterpieces. “New, fresh ingredients are my paint and canvas,” says one of

  Snow-topped peaks and green valleys provide excellent eye-candy this time of year. Hikers (and painters and photographers) seeking a vantage point will be rewarded for their efforts. Southern Oregon offers plenty of spots for wide expansive views at the end of a good hike. Local go-tos include the ever

Southern Oregon University’s Center for the Visual Arts Gallery student Gallery Director Hannah Bakken has a massive job. Rotating five or six exhibits in SOU’s gallery spaces every couple weeks, Bakken sorts through hundreds of pieces of art each month. For the Messenger’s Spring Arts Issue, we sat down with
Dr. Deborah Gordon.WELLNESS

Ketogenic refers to a way of eating that shifts the body’s fuel source from mostly sugar (in its various forms: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy) to mostly fat. When the body burns fat for fuel, the liver takes some of those fats and turns them into water-soluble molecules known as ketones.

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My dad turned 80 last month, and aware that he’d survived this long without whatever crap I could have bought him, I decided instead to write him a poem. After penning into his birthday card a few rhyming verses, I assumed, as all children do, that he would love it

With folk in the midst of a full force revival, more bands are abandoning high octane rock and roll and picking up where banjo legend Earl Scruggs left off. Rose City cow-punks The Basinbillies are one of many pioneering this trend, infusing classic bluegrass with punk rock attitude. And having

San Diego rockers Reason to Rebel have been around the block a few times in the last decade, executing multiple tours and including guest performances from A-listers like Ikey Owens of the Mars Volta and Bret Hinds of Mastoodon on their albums. One place they haven’t yet been is Southern

From May 9-14, Southern Oregon University will be transformed into a playground for grassroots-based performative fine arts exploring this year’s Oregon Fringe Festival theme: The New New. “It’s a critical call to action,” explains Head Producer Muuqi Maxwell, who talks about fringe festivals’ ability to step beyond a sense of

In a smaller market like the Rogue Valley, there are some fingers that seem to be in every pie. The property management company that controls every building, the entrepreneur that owns every business, the performers and artists involved in every happening. T Poe Varnado is such a performer. The Ashland

  The star of the new film 13 Cameras, Neville Archambault, got his start with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival back in the 1970s, when he was still a high school student at Ashland High. The film recently played theaters in LA and New York, as well as major cities dotting

By Reynard Seifert There were a lot of great films at this year’s Ashland Independent Film Festival. One of them is In Pursuit of Silence — a spirited call to arms for deep listening, bringing to light interesting research on the mental and physical health effects of noise, musing on the