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Cyclists all around the Rogue Valley are gearing up for the sixth annual Eagle Point Cycling Challenge. The bike ride, which will take place on Saturday, June 11, is actually made up of four separate courses starting and finishing at Harnish Wayside Park in Eagle Point. The 10k is ideal

A lot has changed since Boatnik launched in the late 1950s—a time when drag racing was an unbridled teenage thrill and supersonic jets were a technological obsession. At that time, the annual motorboat races were something a bit more wild and unregulated. “Things have changed considerably since those days,” says

Medford Beer Week is a carnival of activities, with local and out-of-town brewers showcasing beers, and also a mash-up of beer and. . . kickball, painting, pairings with Girl Scout cookies. A few of our choices: Thursday, June 2: Two notable tap takeovers, Arch Rock (from Gold Beach) offering four

There are plenty of opportunities for rock-hounds in Southern Oregon. Whether you’re a hardened miner or just a hobby gem seeker, a few guidelines will help ensure that your outing is a successful one. Obviously, get all your permits and passes set up beforehand. Check with relevant agencies to ensure

Deer don’t respect human-made boundaries, whether that is the line between the countryside and Ashland city limits, or looking both ways before crossing a highway. Likewise, deer are not terribly concerned with whether they fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Ashland, or a state agency. But that difference—and

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope wait it’s definitely a bird. For this issue’s Public Profile we sat down with former Board member and current columnist for Rogue Valley Audubon Society, Jeff Tufts. We discussed the bird population in the valley, threats to their ecosystem, and the costs of

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In spite of her decades of music and film work, and pedigree as a Hollywood icon—the daughter of Judy Garland and goddaughter of Ira Gershwin—Liza Minnelli remains somewhat an enigma. She has set foot on many Broadway stages (where she won her first Tony at 19), and recorded stacks of

There are days when it feels like Southern Oregon has as many string bands as it does pine trees. And with stylized uniformity like that, it can be hard for any of them to really stand out. But that’s a nifty track managed with aplomb by The John Dough Boys

People have been asking forever if life reflects art, or art reflects life. But in hip hop, it’s never really been a question. The genre’s pioneering use of sampling has always been a reflection that gathers tiny pieces of the cultural zeitgeist and blasts them back at audiences as a

For Art du Jour in Medford, June brings a bouquet of artwork from local artists in the Rogue Valley—and what they are calling a “symphony of colors.” A handful of local artists are displaying their colorful paintings during June, with a particular spotlight on Sheri Dinardi’s oil paintings, and a

Like filling the barrel of a musket with gunpowder, the SOU Student Film Festival (SOUSFF) packs a mixture of short films into one long program. All told, the festival is actually two barrels worth of programs totaling about an hour and a half of short, student-produced films; some hitting their

Once the playground of the Merle Haggards and Bill Monroes of the world, mainstream country has become a twangy, annoying imitation of pop. However, within the independent scene, there is a movement that seeks embellish rather than obscure the early Americana roots by fusing early country stylings with gypsy jazz,