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Remember the days when you could run over to the neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar? Me neither. Fortunately, though, the Buy Nothing Project is bringing that kind of ethos and connection and healthy interdependence back to our local communities. Started by Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller on

In 2008, the same year when Barack Obama was elected as the first African-American president, voters in Silverton, Oregon also marked a milestone: Residents in the small town, situated about 30 miles south by southeast from Portland and in the middle of farm land, elected the first transgender person to

2 Yoke Design is a four year old interior design firm focused on bringing sustainable, healthy practices into their design. The firm started in Portland, but recently moved to Southern Oregon. Even more recently, I sat down with Brienne Wasmer, who opened the business at her home in Central Point,

There is an episode of the popular TV sitcom Parks and Recreation in which social media genius Tom Haverford texts while driving and has his smartphone taken away. He is unable to cope, so his boss takes him into the woods to briefly detox from the modern world. This is

With new reports of a La Niña forecast for Southern Oregon, things are looking good for winter sport enthusiasts (and farmers, of course). Snowshoeing is an inexpensive way to get out into the winter wilderness and avoid the crowds at the ski hill. Make sure to get acquainted with the

Carla David, the owner and winemaker of Wild Wines in the Applegate Valley, does not follow trails. She forages in wild lands for Oregon grape berries or elderberries. She drifts through meadows gathering dandelion flowers. And, although her winery is on the Applegate Valley Wine Trail, she produces wines far

A third of the way into their season, the Southern Oregon Spartans are looking at the rest of the season optimistically. Trailing closely behind the Idaho Jr. Steelheads as second in the Northwest division, the team has plenty of time to catch up. “Last year we ended up in third

A recent graduate from Southern Oregon University, Sarah Westover is putting her Political Science degree into immediate use: This November, she was elected to city council in Phoenix. An organizer with Oregon Student Association, Westover also has worked on the No on LNG Campaign—and now takes her activism into elected

With freezing cold of winter approaching on the heels of fall, one needs a pick-me-up to cope with the shorter days and longer nights. For Mary Kell, co-owner of GoodBean Coffee, the pick-me-up is in the form of art. “Four years ago…Mary Kell was already feeling the onset of winter

(Actually That is Up to You, But These Local Juices Can Help) As Thanksgiving fades into the past and January approaches, health and weight loss take center stage for many. The obvious answer often times is to up fruit and vegetable intake. Thing is, it’s not always as easy as

    Prejudice and racism have been a hot topic this year, and every year, really, since humans began arbitrarily deciding that certain features or lineages made them superior to others. That’s why the South Pacific musical, composed in 1949 by Rogers & Hammerstein, is still relevant today, 67 years
Dr. Deborah Gordon.WELLNESS

In last month’s column I suggested that people obtain their genetic information by sending in their saliva (and $199) to, and thereby gain access to a wealth of genetic information. I said I would share the story of one particular woman this month. Her name is Julie and she



  Self-starter is perhaps more a cliché at job interviews than a reality in life, as actually embarking on a project alone can be daunting and, well, lonely. But for Berkeley based rocker Vanessa Silberman (who will play at Oberon’s in Ashland on Tuesday Dec. 6, followed the next week

Rock and roll will never die. But it does occasionally take naps until a mighty enough band comes along and wakes it up with some truly glorious racket. Such a band is Year of the Cobra. The Seattle Doom duo are like a sexier, snakier version Black Sabbath, with heavy,

Oregon’s music scene gets a lot of traction. But just like Oregon’s politics, those of us south tend to get drowned out by the denser-populated Willamette Valley. But like the old cliché goes, quantity isn’t the same as quality. And we aren’t remotely short on talent here in Jefferson, just