Our Sizzling Hot BBQ Issue


To get our BBQ issue started right, we sent our reporter to find the freshest cuts and finest meat markets in the region. She brought back a salivating selection of shops.   Montgomery’s Meat & Jerry’s Custom Processing A butcher shop that began in Weed, California expanded to Central Point

Most oenophiles, even the most officious, admit that the rules have all changed.  Anything goes with most anything, if that’s what you like. Still, a few basic guidelines are commonly accepted. Red meats and rich, robust sauces are generally paired with red wines—the heartier and heftier the recipe, the bolder

Despite deep-seated views to the contrary, grilling fish really is not so hard. Most common complaints include: sticking to the grill and breaking apart when turning, yielding an end-product that is unsightly and chronically under- or over-done, or worse, falling through the grill into the ash and coal. A couple

You’re an American Mixed Family—by which I mean a family combining vegetarian, carnivore, and possibly vegan at the family board. So what, WHAT could be more American than a Mixed Barbecue? Here’s one idea. Barbecued sausage sandwiches, and barbecued Portobello mushroom sandwiches besides. Both wrapped in pita bread slathered with

Salad as a meal, ah, summer salad. Let me count the ways:  Pasta salad. Potato salad. Coleslaw. Tomato salad. Chicken salad. Tuna salad. Not to mention Tuna Salad’s French cousin, Salad Nicoise. All of them, when you bring it down to the basics, a combination of some kind of carbohydrate,

Scanning the massive selection of barbeque sauces on the shelves of Cartwright’s Valley Meat Co. in Grants Pass, I centered on Marty’s, and knew at once that it was meant to be. From the shiny silver label featuring a charging bull to the deep red sauce speckled with seasoning visible

News & Culture

As the Fourth of July rolled through with its fireworks and patriotic fanfare, it also marked the beginning to a new, troubling fiscal year for Josephine County. While belts have been tight over the past several years for county services like the sheriff’s department, the District Attorney and jails, the

RVM: From looking at the proposed budget, public safety will receive $14 million this year.  How far below do you believe that is for “adequate” funding for public safety in Josephine County – and what do you consider “adequate” services? SH: In the current fiscal year 2016-17 the public safety

On May 28, two hikers ended their 80-mile journey at Cathedral Hills Park in Grants Pass. Luke Ruediger and Josh Weber had set out from downtown Ashland eight days prior and the path they followed was an imaginary line, a proposed route traversing the Applegate Valley. A documentary film about

When Sarah Red-Laird was a little girl she could be found collecting honeycombs from her aunt’s farm and holding bees on the playground to impress the other kids. Since then her love for earth’s pollinators and their honey has grown along with her knowledge of how to preserve and protect

With four wheels, 15 bike seats, bright yellow and red paint, and bold signage, Medford’s new Pint Rider is certainly a spectacle, looking something like an open-air caboose filled to the brim with a jocular spin class shuttling from one bar to the next. Familiar in brewery cities like Bend

Twenty-five years ago, a young voice actor named Grover Gardner stepped into a studio and began reading aloud into a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Audiobooks were not all that common at the time, but this recording of Shelby Foote’s three-volume The Civil War became a Blackstone Audio staple and a best



Like all computers, synthesizers once cost untold dollars and filled entire rooms. But as technology, has evolved musicians have followed suit. Newfound availability, and more modest price points, have given rise to an entirely new species of musical act: the electro-auteur. One such visionary, Beca, will be stopping by the

In the last issue of The Messenger, this reporter wrote about how the vitality of Ashland’s music scene has taken a massive nosedive recently, while the scene in Grants Pass is on the upswing. That article was about the lack of venues, and how that restricts stylistic diversity, but the

“Everything the audience hears at an American Arson show is being created live on the stage––no computers or backing tracks or anything like that,” says Evan Baker, vocalist and guitarist for Detroit band American Arson. “We take a lot of pride in that.” Since most bands do the same, it