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  Earlier this summer, Jamie McLeod-Skinner announced her plan to become Oregon’s next U.S. Representative, a seat held for 18 years by conservative Greg Walden. An Ashland high graduate, McLeod-Skinner returned back to her home turf after far-flung work experiences in Bosnia and Kosovo in the late 90s, and then

  Europe has all the luck. Rome with her Colosseum. Paris her Notre Dame. Countrysides littered with ancient castles and stone walls that have been around for centuries. Yes, the Rogue Valley has her trees, mountains, Table Rock too, but when it comes to man-made architecture, the Costco Warehouse just

A glass of wine worked for tastes better than something one might have picked up at the grocery store. After pedaling through the pristine Applegate Valley for several miles from winery to winery, each glass tastes better than the last. Southern Oregon has established itself as a vineyard mecca for

(Editor’s Note: Drink Local makes anonymous visits to randomly chosen vineyards and wineries to discover the truth about wine—de vino veritas—in Southern Oregon.) You have to get up early to join the grape harvest at Agate Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Point. Like all of Southern Oregon’s vineyards, the precarious series

It’s not too late to say you remember KIFF back in the early years, before it got all Sundance-y. Klamath Film Makers Group and Festival Coordinator Jesse Widener sets the scene: RVM: KIFF’s 5th anniversary. Did the Klamath Film Makers Group believe that the festival would reach this milestone? Jesse

Whether it’s cooking, barbecuing, or smoking meat, there are better, worse, and more preferred ways to do it. Smoked salmon to Oregon is like barbecued pork to the South, an age-old method of preparing delicious, savory meat. Saturday, September 23 the Maslow Project is hosting the Fourth Annual Southern Oregon

In the movies, boxing looks sweaty with a swollen face. With the speed punching bag at the gym, it looks like a hyperactive feline with a catnip toy. The real world of boxing is about the toughness, the quickness and the strength, and none know this better than Rogue Valley

When asked to think about stained glass, you might envision the large windows of a church or cathedral. Maybe you’re reminded of a small stained glass window at an old friend or grandparent’s house. Since retiring from teaching, Jannie Ledard has been focusing her artistic energy and talent on stained

  Driving along Anderson Creek Road outside of Talent offers an insightful glance into Southern Oregon agriculture: aging pear orchards yield to new homes, vineyards, and more recently a pot farm (behind high fences) and a hemp farm (wide open, looks like little Christmas trees, smells like pot!). The celebration

  This spring and summer, some kind of restaurant Miracle-Grow sprinkled itself on Grants Pass. The city got a full-service Indian restaurant and just about every block downtown became home to new digs including a pizza joint, an Asian tapas restaurant, a bistro and more. So, what’s the deal? Is


  In 1969, The Doors’ lead drinker Jim Morrison told Rolling Stone that he didn’t think the band of the future would be a band at all. “I can see a lone artist with a lot of tapes and electrical … like an extension of the Moog synthesizer — a

  There is a school of thought positing that rock is the new jazz. Like jazz was in the ‘50s, rock is now more labor, space and equipment intensive to produce and perform than brash, efficient upstarts knocking it off the charts (electronic pop), making it a niche genre that

In a widely-viewed video on YouTube discussing the Maggie Rogers song, “Alaska,” A-list producer Pharell Williams said he believes the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to be the pinnacle of innovation, as it managed to take two things that were independently great (chocolate and peanut butter) and combine into a chimera
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