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As OSF’s opening weekend approaches, curtains are going up all over the region, revealing shows that just cannot be overlooked. With so many talented individuals and groups, it is impossible to mention them all, but attending at least these five will provide a starting line for the marathon of great

The model of the Julius Caesar set shows multiple broken white walls––almost resembling smashed cardboard––reflecting a tiny city in need of repair. It also represents a system with a lost foundation, or a lost purity. Behind them is the statue under construction—never to be finished. With the 2017 season at

When Lilia Caballero first started as the Cultural Outreach Coordinator for the Medford Police Department, she struggled to answer Latino community members’ traffic ticket questions. Unable to read the citation in English, they often could not tell her which agency had even issued it: Jackson County Sheriff? Oregon State Police?

Brewing beer requires four basic ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. Starting a business has four basic parts, too: the product/service, distribution, marketing, and customer service. At Osmo’s Alehouse, a new brewery and tasting room on downtown Medford’s South Central Avenue opened in January by Southern Oregon natives Nick

For a satisfying burger head to a parking lot in Grants Pass On a rainy day about a week ago, customers made their way towards a red food truck in a parking lot behind the post office in Grants Pass. At the window, owner Brian Callahan made talk with regulars,

  “Noises Off is well-known as a slam-bang comedy,” affirms Director (and OCT Artistic Director) Valerie Rachelle. Between crashing doors (all eight), flying props, perilous staircases, and sardine oil spills, the cast of Oregon Cabaret’s 2017 season-opening show will do well to survive all 49 performances intact. Or, the cast’s

From YouTube to the stage to music, everyone starts somewhere before their success. For Tessa Violet, it was Ashland, Oregon. As a famed YouTuber and vocalist, the Pacific Northwest native has fostered her talents and expanded them internationally. What began as video blogs about various topics such as music videos

Adult coloring books have grown rapidly in popularity over the past couple years. Now one can walk into any bookstore––or just about any store, really––and find a shelf filled with books for adults with beautiful designs and detailed pictures waiting to be colored. Chickadee Creative Coloring in Southern Oregon published

“I realized I was part of the scenery,” says Brian Heron, 57, a cyclist, an outdoor enthusiast, a pastor, a mystic. He describes looking out over a Mendocino vineyard after cycling to the top of a hill. “There was no observer and observed. I was part of the painting. It

Low libido, or low sex drive, is a common complaint I hear from many of my patients. A low libido is defined as a diminished motivation for sexual activity. This is a difficult topic to cover! Low “motivation” can be the caused by a multitude of factors that range from


Holidays can be a bit like black holes, sucking up all the attention for weeks around them. It’s easy for new albums released into that madness to get lost in the noise. For marketing reasons I may never fully understand, Water in the Leaves, the new album from Ashland duo

Cambrian Explosion’s bio on their Facebook page doesn’t mince words: “Cosmic sorcerers from Portland, OR.” Anyone that attends the band’s performance at Johnny B’s on Saturday, Feb. 18 and gets an earful of the band’s massive reverb-drenched guitars, keyboard drones and thundering drums will be hard-pressed to disagree. The band

  Despite the embellished stereotype of metalheads as anti-social basement dwellers, there is a softer side. It is the eccentricity of the movement that draws people in and eventually makes a home for them. A prime example is Chrysalis, who will return to Southern Oregon for shows at The Haul