The Cocktail Issue

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While many bars tote “local ingredients,” it’s rare that a cocktail is made exclusively with them. Luckily, Southern Oregon has such a plethora of local food producers that it is actually possible. All it takes is a little innovation, minor tweaking and a little bit of extra time.

For the booze there are still a few Organic Nation bottles kicking around the valley and Immortal Spirits in Medford is also producing some … Read the rest

La Luz, available at Liquid Assets in Ashland.

Gin Martini

Larks at the Inn at the Commons


A golden anniversary hotspot like this must have a good cocktail. The martini is the sure way to go because you can’t honestly claim that you’ve never dreamt of dressing up as James Bond and ironically ordering his trademark drink. Plus, where else but the Inn at the Commons features a ‘20s speakeasy meets … Read the rest

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Fia Shafone

For the uninitiated, Pisco is a popular liquor from South America made from grapes in a distilling process similar to brandy. It typically is in the 40 percent alcohol range and is made in both Peru and Chile.

More importantly, it’s a pissing match for the ages.

Chileans will tell you that only they have the “real pisco” since according to them it was invented in Chile. The Peruvians … Read the rest

While you can endlessly parse out the subtle flavor nuances in liquor, in a general sense, it’s pretty easy to pick a tasty one: pay a lot for a well-aged hooch.

It’s not quite as easy when you’re picking from the bottom shelf instead of the top. It’s a minefield of pending hangovers, drinks that could double as nail-polish remover and flavors that are your cue for a spit-take. However, working in … Read the rest


O.K., so it isn’t that simple, but pretty close.

The name “moonshine” most likely comes from the late 1700s to early 1800s in the Appalachian area where the drink was made at night, in an attempt to keep the illegal activity a secret. The term is still used today for some legal distilled alcohols for marketing reasons. Back in the day, many supported their families from making and selling illegal moonshine, … Read the rest

Other Articles in This Issue


In December of last year, financial blog Nerd Wallet published a report on the 10 best cities for renters in Oregon. Topping the list was Ashland. Number 5 was Medford.

The perennially oblivious analysts at Nerd Wallet ranked Ashland so highly because it’s cheaper to rent there than to buy. Of course with a median sale price of $351,000 and prices on the rise 3 percent last year and another 2 percent … Read the rest

“QUICK, everyone look in different directions!” Courtesy of The Battlefield ‘What is Love,” for $500, Alex

The Ashland fire marshall has set Oberon’s capacity at 63, but with 12 on the dance floor, the place can seem pretty crowded. Three-piece LA based folk group, The Battlefield, will be taking the stage in the small venue on Tuesday, July 28, but only a few nights before they will be playing to an 800-person … Read the rest

This issue of The Messenger publishes on July 23, a day in history that marks one of the biggest riots/uprisings in American history: The 12th Street Riots in Detroit. After police raided an underground bar called The Blind Pig, the confrontation escalated, with Gov. Romney and President Johnson sending in troops. The result was 43 dead, 1,189 injured, over 7,200 arrests, and more than 2,000 buildings destroyed. Only the NYC riots during … Read the rest

Amy (AMY SCHUMER) on a date with Aaron (BILL HADER) in “Trainwreck”, the new comedy from director/producer Judd Apatow that is written by and stars Schumer as a woman who lives her life without apologies, even when maybe she should apologize. It’s Not a Schumer!

By Megan Burbank – @meganireneb

Here’s fun drinking game to play while watching, oh, ANY romantic comedy: Take a sip whenever you see (1) a girl reporter … Read the rest


Echinacea, or Purple Coneflower, is commonly used as an immune booster. It is an appropriate use of this herb, but few people are familiar with Echinacea’s true versatility.

It is in the Composite family (the same as dandelions) and is native to the United States. East of the Mississippi, it is present as Echinacea purpurea; on the western prairies, Echinacea augustifolia. The Indians of the east coast did not use the … Read the rest


While plants in temperate zones may benefit from higher temperatures, global warming’s impact in the tropics threatens catastrophe for food security

The positive consequences of climate change may not be so positive. Although plants in the colder regions are expected to thrive as average global temperatures rise, even this benefit could be limited.

Some tropical regions could lose up to 200 growing days a year, and more than two billion rural people … Read the rest