The Summer Bucket List


Let’s face it, starting acroyoga classes and going on that hike would probably be good for your health, but so would a good old-fashioned summer romance.   Well hate to break it to you, but time is running out and you should get on it.  Fortunately,  the key to a

“Scuba is an exciting extreme sport where your life depends on your skills and ability to take care of your equipment,” says Kathy Zuk owner of Rogue Scuba. That might be some peoples worst nightmare, but the underwater beauty of Southern Oregon is a pretty solid trade-off, making scuba a
Bike PAcking

Bikepacking is an overnight adventure sport, like backpacking, that trades forest service roads for trails, exchanging your backpack for a pair of saddle bags. “I always get a little jealous when I pass someone who is obviously through hiking the PCT while I’m on my way to work or running

Sometimes it seems that there is a law of physics that determines the quality of a swimming spot that goes something like this: The higher the quality of the spot, the farther you have to drive to get to it. Obviously this is not the case, since if it were,

Combine the poses of yoga with the Jenga-like stacking of acrobatics and you have acroyoga, which is just the thing for one of the remaining lazy summer days in the park. Enthusiast and instructor, Sean Gerhardt, says that Acroyoga is a summer must because “it makes you connected with friends,

More than 250 disc golf courses have been built on college campuses across the country. The easy accessibility, free cost of play and simplicity of the game is giving hacky-sack a run for its money as the slacker activity of choice. But Southern Oregon University isn’t one of them. And

Have you ever observed how hardcore tourists travel? They spend the day visiting as many locations as they possibly can, with the attitude firmly implanted that relaxing is for wimps and dead people. If you are going to visit Crater Lake there can be more to it than just driving

Summertime means river rafting, camping, frisbee golf, jumping off of high things into pools or water and stuff––or, for the lazier, more alcoholically inclined of us who still want to go outside sort of, patio beers. There’s nothing like having a seat on your favorite bar’s patio mid-summer and watching

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For roughly 30 years the FBI has virtually ignored a system meant to help cops track the behavioral patterns of violent criminals. QUANTICO, Va.—More than 30 years ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a revolutionary computer system in a bomb shelter two floors beneath the cafeteria of its national

Federal Government Weighs in on Lawsuit Challenging Anti-Homeless Measures Boise, Idaho is currently facing a lawsuit from the ACLU over a municipal camping ban. It is similar to the camping bans in both Ashland and Medford, all of which are targeted at the homeless. But on August 6, in a

Typically, Oregon Shakespeare Festival productions allude to contemporary issues through costume and set design choices that attempt to cast the historical or “universal” struggles of humanity into a modern context. It’s latest production cuts straight to the chase. Sweat, which opened on July 29, and will run through October 31,

Local Artist Pays Homage to the Oldest Trees in the Northwest Just hearing him talk about trees, one can imagine Paul Brown wrapping his arms around an oak and breathing a contented sigh. The only problem is, the trees Brown likes the best are the oldest in the Northwest, which also means they are the biggest. So,
Imortal Spirits Old FAshined

“We’re making whiskey aged in Oregon oak, made with Oregon barley, I don’t know of anyone else doing that” says Immortal Spirits owner, Jesse Gallagher. “Casks are pretty hard to get ahold of, mostly we use re coopered wine barrels that are given this heavy charcoal called Alligator skin.” Their

Though I grew up in Grants Pass, my first Hellgate Jetboat Excursion wasn’t until I was eight years old. Family came from out Of town and we had to show them the sights, and the jetboats are arguably one of the best tourist activities in the area. Of course, whitewater


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There may be no summer activity more summery than hitting the open road and getting the fudge out of dodge. Especially after all this smoke. But you can’t road trip without the tunes. So we made a mix of songs perfect for the open road, featuring a selection of classics

Medford Rockers The Evening Shades Set to Release Debut Album, ‘Alright’ If you want to understand medford band The Evening Shades approach to rock music, here’s an anecdote: During our interview at Medford’s Four Daughters pub, I mentioned how during a similar bar-interview with Rolling Stone, Mastodon frontman Brent Hinds

Weird Al Yankovic, is arguably both the world’s greatest lyricist and one of the best live performers working today. His shows include multiple costume changes, video and light shows, Van Halen-level accordion shredding and Yankovic’s near double-jointed ability to kick above his head. In his mid-50s, he still brings an

Great Peacock to strut their stuff in Ashland Question? What do rock music, country music, and folk music have in common? Answer: Who cares, that’s a dumb question. But if anyone can blend the three genres together it is Tennesee band Great Peacock, who will be playing at Brickroom in

“Every musician or music-making person has to have their solo project in which they can express themselves musically and make all the music by their lonesome,” Morgan Hoehne says of MRGN (formerly Morgokalips). “This is mine.” Hoehe has done time on guitar and drums in Medford metal bands Your Hands

David Liebe Hart is the World’s Best Fundamentally-Religious Electro-Punk Puppeteer on Cable TV To preview punk puppeteer David Liebe Hart’s performance at Club 66 in Ashland on Tue., August 11, I had a ton of questions prepared about the nature of outsider art and whether his recent successes have more