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It’s cold and wet outside, but there are plenty of reasons to brave the chill and risk the threat of damp socks this month. In addition to Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and Presidents Day (a.k.a. National Three-Day-Weekend Day), there’s plenty of new art gracing the walls of Rogue Valley galleries,

Part science geek, part raw honesty of Richard Pryor, Ian Harris shoots from the hip. A standup comedian for the past 20 years—minus the decade long hiatus he took to raise a daughter, before storming back for his current second act—Harris is a veteran comedian, but he also approaches the stage

Interview by Ryan Degan In an ongoing series the Rogue Valley Messenger meets with public officials throughout Southern Oregon. This week we sat down with Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara and discussed his new and progressive plans for APD’s future. Since joining APD in 2010, Chief O’Meara has served as Patrol Sergeant, Detective

Pushing for $15 an Hour is the Most Dominant Legislative Discussion As the state legislature began to gather for its session, Governor Kate Brown announced a six-year plan to steadily raise minimum wage in Oregon—and, in doing so, struck the dominant chord for upcoming conversations about law-making in the state.

Settling in for an evening of deduction, I was ready for puzzles and intrigue. As a devout fan of BBC’s Sherlock and a reader of Sir Doyle’s original works, I was all business—there was a mystery to solve. But, Great Scott! The opening act of Holmes and Watson Save the



A lot of musicians have trouble looking back on their early work. Jonny Lang, who will play The Rogue Theater in Grants Pass is no different describing his first two albums Lie to Me, and Wander This World, like cringing at a high school yearbook. Of course, what sets Lang

Mondays, famously hated by obese cartoon cat Garfield, are usually allocated for lamenting the death of yet another weekend. Fortunately, though, if you’ll be in Medford on February 15, you can drown your sorrows to the gruff croonings of singer songwriter Joe Fletcher. Midwest born Americana artist Joe Fletcher is

The Messenger just launched voting for its annual Best of the Rogue contest. Last year’s winner for Best Band was Seaons, a victory earned in large part because the band’s boisterous delivery was so much fun to see live. Strangely enough, the only ones not having fun were Seaons themselves.

“It would have been possible,” says Dave Dernovsek, of Portland livetronica band, Yak Attack, who will play at Milagro’s Fresh Mexican’s after-hours danceparty on Sat., January 23. “but it wouldn’t have been able to exist on its own.” The “it” Dernovsek is referencing is Yak Attack’s sound: thickly-layered electronic style

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We usually take the longer, scenic route on our quarterly wine club pickup/party days, following the namesake Rogue, from Gold Hill through Sam’s Valley, beneath the iconic Table Rocks, to Cliff Creek Cellars and Sam’s Valley Vineyard.  We enter through a seasonally shifting array of farm and fermenting equipment, outbuildings

Oh sure, coffee is hot, as in trendy, for the last 20 years, and pre-dates the beatnik coffeehouses of the 50s and the Starbuckian culture overhaul of the 90s all the way back to the 15th century. But that’s like a blink of the eye in the history of tea,

  Unlike skiing or ice skating, with snowshoeing there really is no need to practice. A good pair of waterproof boots, snow pants, and a hard-shell jacket will keep you warm, comfortable, and dry. For people interested in getting into the back-country, it’s important to have the right shoes. Back-country

Oregon nature lovers may have a lot more pristine land to appreciate. The Crater Lake Wilderness Proposal, created by Oregon Wild, would declare 500,000 acres of land, in Crater Lake and the surrounding areas, a nationally protected wilderness corridor. This would preserve the wildlife and natural resources of the area,

February is Heart Health Month, so a good time to think about what we’ve learned about keeping our hearts healthy. I recently returned from a physicians’ meeting in Arizona and it turns out the themes are pretty consistent: if you want a healthy _________ (heart, digestive system, brain, immune system,

Many people (including myself) are unenthusiastic about breakfast. There are many reasons for this; time is one excuse, limited and/or unappealing choices is another. For these reasons, folks often turn to “fast food” e.g. buttered bread, waffles or milk and cereal—foods high in carbohydrates—to sustain them until lunch. Culturally, these