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GO HERE: Winged Beauties – The Painted Ladies in Elkton

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Butterflies at the Elkton Butterfly Pavilion. Photo Credit: Richard Newman


Insects with wings can ruin your summer outing (wasps at a barbecue, right?) or elevate it (a butterfly or two in a garden, awwww!). The Elkton Community Education Center (ECEC) which has been around for 14 years is a treasure many stumble upon on their way to the Coast (OR-38). From June through September, Painted Ladies and Monarchs elegantly flutter their wings at the Butterfly Pavilion at the ECEC. Although Elkton is one of the smallest unincorporated towns in Oregon, there are more wineries and butterflies than residents or at least it feels that way. 

That is what makes Oregon so unique—all the chances to encounter unexpected treasures on your journey. Inside the town of Elkton, the ECEC is a destination with a lovely garden, gift shop, café, library and of course butterflies to delight children and adults alike. Step into the pavilion and watch a Vanessa Cardui perched on top of its host plant—Thistle. The Western Tiger Swallowtail needs a native Oregon plant called the Pearly Everlasting to be happy. Not only do visitors get to know the different types of intriguing insects, but the Butterfly Steward, Barbara Slott, who keeps watch over the lovely creatures, educates others on how to have them flourish in their backyards. 

The center is a feast for the senses and an educational opportunity for young and seasoned. ECEC is located right in front of Fort Umpqua and in addition to hatching and housing butterflies, it hosts events. They have Flutestock coming up on July 27 and 28, where flute makers come together to display handmade instruments and project native American-style music over loudspeakers for all to enjoy. Or there is the two-day historical celebration called Fort Umpqua Days August 31 through September 1 at the ECEC.  

Elkton Community Education Center Butterfly Pavilion
9 am – 5 pm, daily, June – September
15850 State Highway 38 W, Elkton



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