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What’s Going On With Crime In America And How You Can Navigate Today’s Challenging Social Landscape 

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Throughout the centuries, the world has evolved, and with it has come changes to the way criminals operate. Organized crime in the 1920s, when we had prohibition, was very different from the way it is today, and it has changed significantly since then. 

Throughout the years, crime has evolved as new tools and technologies have emerged. Also, the things that hold value in society have changed, and new laws have meant that criminals have had to find ways to get around them. 

So, crime rates change every year, and new trends emerge. As a concerned citizen, you need to be aware of these developments and what precautions you can take. To help, we’ve put together this guide to the top crime trends of 2023 and how you can navigate this tough world to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm. 

Rates Remain Steady, But The Focus Has Shifted

Across the USA, reports show that homicides and shooting rates fell in 2022, while burglaries and property crimes rose during this time. While this might seem like a good thing, rates for shootings and murders were still high, and the rise in thefts suggests that criminals are becoming increasingly desperate. 

Rampant inflation and rapidly rising prices mean that many individuals are turning to theft to deal with these issues. For citizens, taking basic safety measures at home and when out and about is important. Make sure that you don’t broadcast your wealth, and keep expensive assets such as premium vehicles out of site where possible to reduce the temptation. Also, don’t brag about your wealth or any life events like holidays on social media. There are no guarantees, but by using simple safety tips, you can reduce the chances of a crime being committed against you and your property, and make yourself feel safer too. 

Sexual Assault Crimes Are Being Taken More Seriously 

One area that’s become a particular focus over recent years, especially since the #MeToo movement, is sexual assault cases. As more people, both men and women, feel more confident about reporting them, they’re getting more traction with the press and becoming more of a talking point. 

While sexual assault cases always need to be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly, in some cases, false claims might be made. If you’ve been accused of a sexual crime, work with an experienced Sex Crime Attorney to ensure you get the legal support and advice you need. For anyone who is the victim of a sexual assault, you should report the incident as soon as possible to give law enforcement officers the best possible chance of finding relevant forensic and physical evidence. 

Designer Dogs Are Hot Property 

Most of us can easily recognize something that’s worth a lot of money, thanks to the branding on it and the appearance of the product. Whether it’s a luxury car or a piece of designer clothing, branding and materials usually mark these high-end items out and set them apart from their cheaper counterparts. While this is still the case in 2023, other items of personal property that you might not consider are becoming a hot topic for criminals: designer pets, specifically dogs. 

Dogs are an incredibly popular pet, and they were in particularly high demand during the pandemic. Even now that’s over, they’re still popular, and certain colours and breeds can fetch thousands of dollars per puppy. Some breeds are more likely to be stolen than others, including trending dogs like French Bulldogs and Siberian Huskeys. Dog thefts have become more violent over recent years, with some criminals even resorting to holding dog walkers and owners at gunpoint to steal their valuable pooches. Everyone’s heard of the Lady Gaga dog kidnapping story, and this sort of violent encounter is becoming more common, and thieves seek to steal valuable dogs and sell them on quickly for a profit. If you own a purebred dog that’s particularly distinctive, consider putting a GPS tracker on their collar. You should also be careful about how often you share details on your pet online, so that you can reduce the chances that thieves will target you at your home. 

Crime In America 2023: A Brief Conclusion

Ultimately, wherever there are people, there will always be crime in some shape or form. While we can’t avoid it, we can be aware of it and understand how it affects our lives and families. Changes in society, such as the rising popularity of social media and developments in the way the public perceives certain crimes, mean that these are being reported on more often. 

Also, rising levels of crimes specific to certain status symbols mean that those who own them need to be more wary. As well as designer dogs, as mentioned in this article, other common status symbols that can be popular with criminals include designer watches, luxury handbags and high-end technology, like smartwatches and wireless headphones. Being more careful and using the information in this article can help you to navigate the modern world safely. 

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