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What to Buy: For Someone Who Just Purchased Their New Home

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 Buying a new home is a tedious but still an exacting process. Most people would agree that you buy a house but you create a home when you make it your own and fill it up with things you own. A home is defined by all the items it holds and it is in some ways a representation of you and your family. 

When buying a new home, you tend to think of all the cool and quirky things you can fill it up with. Everything from designing the interiors to picking the wall art and colors to even deciding on small things like cutlery and other utility items is a long process. 

You may have just a partner or might be a bigger family with children but everything you put in your home needs to make sense and you want to make sure you do not miss out on anything. To throw in some ideas and make your process of making purchases for a new home easier, below is a list of some thoughtful items you should think about when you setting up a new home. 

Side Tables and End Tables

Right so we all think about the major stuff but side tables are oftentimes ignored. You have probably thought your sofas and beds through but adding the correct side tables in your home is extremely important. 

A lot of times people are done designing their house but when they hang out or have guests over they realize that in certain areas there is no place to keep stuff like glasses, phones, plates, etc. Selecting side tables and end tables that match your interiors, and having enough of them depending on your square footage can help. 

The best time to do this is after you have added your seats and main furniture so that you can actually sit on every piece of furniture in your home and figure out where these tables are needed. While doing this, feel free to do something cool, like creating a reading nook or a corner to listen to your favorite tunes and sip coffee. 

Ambient Lighting

Selecting the lighting is such an important part of setting up any home. Right from the shades of the light bulb to the lighting fixtures, every aspect of lighting enhances the beauty of a home. 

Not only should the lights complement any other furniture or wall art but also set appropriate moods in the various rooms of the house. For example, your storage area should have nice and bright lights. In your living room and bedrooms, you probably want to get lights that can be controlled and dimmed. 

Buying different kinds of lamps to decorate your new home is also a necessity. You may need a reading lamp on a study-table or nook and some accent lamps in other parts of your home. You also need to make sure you store enough light bulbs, and energy-saving ones so you save up on those electricity bills. 

Blinds and Curtains 

The biggest decision to make is whether to have blinds on all the windows or curtains. The correct answer in most cases is both. You probably will have areas in your house where blinds would do better and parts where curtains would look cool. 

While having some natural light in the home is important, you want to make sure your neighbors cannot see you at certain times. Hence having two layers of curtains is great, one layer being a blackout curtain. 

Blinds are great because there is no transparency once they are shut but at the same time if you have a sliding door that leads you to your garden, rolling the blinds completely up can be annoying. For a door that opens up into a garden or backyard, curtains may be the right choice. 

Needless to say, if you have areas with curtains they should match the tones of the rest of your furniture in that space. Make sure you put enough thought into setting up your window coverings. 

Steak Knives 

Your kitchen needs a good set of knives. You may have a set of crappy apartment knives already but investing in knives that last you long can make your life easier. Cooking can be a tedious process and a good set of knives makes it easier for everybody. 

Make sure your barbecues are all set and that no cook in the family has to worry about which knife to use. To help you decide on which knife set to add to your collection, check out GiftWits’ guide called – ‘Best Steak Knives Every Cook Should Own in 2020’. 

Storage Appliances

Whether its shelves, drawers or boxes, purchasing storage appliances is crucial while you move into your new home. A lot of times people do not think it through but you need these items time and again as you move stuff around the house. 

Oftentimes people throw things they need may need later just because they do not have anywhere to store them properly. You do not need to be a hoarder but you can definitely keep certain valuables stored as you may need them later. 


If you are into art great but even if you are not it is healthy to not leave your walls empty. Apart from photos, artwork that goes with your personality can be a great way to decorate a home. 

Having enough artwork in stock also provides you an opportunity to easily play around with your walls. Managing the artwork and decorative pieces in your home can be a great hobby to pick up. Who knows, you might just start collecting something specific like Toby mugs. 

Apart from all of the items listed above, there are many other items that need to be purchased while you are moving into a new home that you may or may not have thought about. The best way to not miss out on things and to keep things under budget is to create a checklist before moving in. Surely all of the things listed above should make it to that checklist. 

Hopefully, this article gives you enough perspective on what to buy once you have purchased your new home. 

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