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What Do Josephine County Cultural Coalition funds do?

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The Josephine County Cultural Coalition hands out supportive grants to organizations around the, well, county, to help, well, support the wonderful programming that various organizations are currently hosting. We were curious about how those funds actually move from donation to positive impact—and contacted several recent recipients from JCCC grants, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Rogue Valley. In general, the Boys & Girls Club provides fun and positive programs for youth to help them build self-esteem and build skills. This grant specifically supports the so-called “Junior Picasso Club,” which we learned isn’t as abstract as it sounds.

RVM: In particular, the support from JCCC is for the Junior Picasso Club.  I’m assuming this is about painting.  Specifically abstract? 

Jessica King: We are so grateful to JCCC for their support in our Junior Picasso Club! This program is offered during our summer program and teaches youth in grades 2-8 various art mediums and techniques to create their own finished art pieces. During the process, youth are encouraged to use creative expression and practice artistic tools for emotional regulation while building self-esteem. Throughout the summer, they get to meet and hear from local artists, and at the end of the summer, they will display their finished art pieces in a local gallery!

RVM: How do the kids respond to abstract painting, as opposed to more literal?

JK: While it would seem that the program is focused on Picasso’s style, Club members actually named the Club years ago with our Club Art Coordinator! The kids explore so many styles of art and have created some incredible pieces! Most importantly, we love that through this program, kids gain confidence and learn healthy forms of self-expression. This summer, we have expanded the program to all three of our Club locations. JCCC funds provide support for our Grants Pass and Illinois Valley Clubs.

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