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Traveling to Experience Culture? Here Is Where You Should Go

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For many of us, we feel like we need to get away on vacation to enjoy some unique culture. Visiting different states can only take you so far. Think of all the different countries out there across multiple continents. Each country will have its own unique culture that you should go and take in, there are even specific cultural festivals that occur annually that you may not know much about.

If you’re wondering where you should go, then this article will be for you. We will look at a few wonderful countries that are popular with Americans and go into detail on the cultural festivals that can be found here. All of this is possible due to the Google search data analysis that has been conducted by Audley Travel.


Mexico is an excellent place for a vacation. The country is vast, which means there are many different potential places you can visit. You can go to the sandy beaches of Cancun, to the vibrant capital of Mexico City. It depends on what sort of vacation you’re after. One of the upsides of this type of vacation is that it is not far away at all from America. If you live in the states, then there will be accessible flights for you to access.

According to Google search data, many Americans want to visit Mexico for the famous Day of The Dead festival. This joyous celebration of souls attracts millions of visitors every year, making it the fourth most popular festival for US travelers searches on Google. There are plenty of films and books you can read to learn more about this unique festival before you arrive.


Let’s go a bit more further south, and enjoy what South America has to offer. While there are many potential countries to visit down in South America, Brazil could be the best to see. Not only is this one of the largest countries, meaning there is more to explore, it also has some unique cultural festivals on show!

The joyful Carnival Rio de Janeiro is a unique cultural experience. This carnival is celebrated within Rio and is something that will be enjoyed by extrovert travelers! Even introverts will be able to have fun here, just maybe not in the middle of the whole party!


Viva La France! Let’s take a trip down to Europe now. France is one of those countries that is often romanticized and is a dream destination for people across the globe. In particular, it is the capital Paris that is romanticized. While Paris is amazing, you should perhaps lower your expectations, just so you’re not let down. There is something known as Paris Syndrome, which is the sensation that happens when tourists are let down. It’s a real thing!

Instead, why don’t you explore the unique countryside of France, and in particular, the French Riviera? There is not only beauty here, but also culture. The Cannes Film Festival can be found here, and this falls in the top three of the most searched festivals in the US. The Film Festival will be a welcome break from the countryside and offers some upper-class hospitality.


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