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Top 5 Hunting Tips For The Fall

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As every hunter knows, hunting is a year-round sport. It is one of the oldest and most important practices in our history as a species. Before it primarily became a sport – hunting was a way of surviving.

Modern hunting supports conservation efforts, contributes to the population management of wildlife, and stimulates the economy. The days and weeks before the start of the season are some of the most important dates on a hunter’s calendar. To help you prep for it, below are five of the top hunting tips for the fall.

  1. Multiple Deer Stands

Wind can ruin a hunting trip in an instant. To compensate for the changing winds, you should set up multiple stands over a site. That way, when the wind shifts when you’re in one, you can change stands and prevent your scent from travelling – keeping you downwind from your target.

  1. Follow The Moon

Nature is incredible, and while new tools and gadgets help hunters tremendously, you will never go wrong if you look to the skies. If you see an early-rising moon in the early evening, you can be sure that it will trigger deer movement. Whitetails use early and full moons to forage early. Use that to your advantage to ensure your hunting trip is enjoyable.

  1. Prepare Your Rifle

Before the season starts, ensure that your rifle is prepared and ready for action. Even if your rifle was zeroed in perfectly on your last trip, it needs to be reset to stop the big ones from getting away. Your rifle should be zeroed in between 1.5 and 3 inches at 100 yards, which helps to give you an added advantage over your target.

Deer hunting is greatly enhanced when using a .30 cal suppressor, mainly because it reduces recoil and offers a safer hunting experience. Your hearing will be protected, most hunters who don’t use them end up suffering from noise-induced hearing loss – which isn’t fun.

  1. Turkey Hunting Tips

Hens, jennies, and jakes travel together as families. As the season progresses, more turkeys join forces and turn into super flocks. There is no better sight for a turkey hunter than a rowdy flock of gobblers – and they are so much fun to hunt.

Turkeys are naturally curious and investigate birds, and they are always hungry – which makes them perfect for hunters. Play on those factors and you’ll take down a few of these delicious birds in no time.

  1. Safety First

As fun as hunting can be, it is a serious sport and if you don’t have health and safety at the forefront of your mind at all times, it can end badly. Always wear orange when hunting in the woods so are easily identifiable by other hunters, never shoot at sound or movement, and always know where your target is and what lies behind it.

There are around 1000 hunting accidents in America and Canada every year, and almost 100 of those are reportedly fatal. To stay safe on your trip, ensure that you always aim at a clear target and avoid shooting near populated areas. Never run with a loaded gun, and keep your wits about you. By doing that, you can guarantee that your next hunting trip will be nothing but successful.

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