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GO HERE: The Trail That Tried To Catch Bigfoot – Collings Mountain Trail

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Bigfoot Trap. Photo by Bill Sullivan, from his book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Southern Oregon & Northern California

As spring approaches, trails all across Southern Oregon open up for the year. It’s time to strap on the hiking boots and head out to Collings Mountain Trail in Applegate.

The nearly seven mile trail when hiked to the end and back offers picturesque views of Applegate Lake. The trail also leads by an inactive Bigfoot trap. Keep a look out for the box-like structure with a drop door three quarters of a mile down the trail around Grouse Creek. An abandoned mining cabin once sat near the trap, but has since been knocked down. The trail was named after brothers who mined the area in the mid-19th century, leaving a number of mine adits.  

The trail is considered moderate, with a few declines and inclines along the way, gaining an overall 2,000 feet. Spring is the best time to hike the trail when it opens. Wildlife is everywhere and the trail isn’t as muddy as it might have been in the winter. Hikers on Alltrails.com consider the trail potentially strenuous for less experienced hikers, but the views are worth it. One hiker even says the trail is great for children. With the surrounding nature, panoramic views, and the Bigfoot trap, Collings Mountain Trail sounds perfect for kids.

The trailhead is located across the road from Hart-tish Picnic and Boat Launch Area. During the summer the picnic area charges five dollars for parking. Parking alongside the road is permitted but space is limited. The Forest Service also cautions hikers to keep an eye out for poison oak, ticks, and snakes. Pets are free to hike along, but must be kept on a leash.

The trail’s difficulty depends on the condition of the hiker. If you’re less experienced, prepare to take breaks as you hike up the steep slopes and enjoy the longer hike. Regardless your experience level, feel free to take in the beautiful Applegate area and make sure to stop every once in awhile to enjoy the view.


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