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The Soulful Vocal Stylings of a Southern Oregon Angel: An Interview with Shae Celine 

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Raised in Ashland, Shae Celine got her start studying vocal performance under Pamela Fry at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Currently, she is the lead singer of six different band configurations in Southern Oregon. She continues to perform every weekend at various venues. Because of her accumulated experience with music, she has also been teaching others for over ten years now. I had the opportunity to ask Celine about her career, her art, and her future in a recent interview.

Rogue Valley Messenger: Did extra time during quarantine help change how you approach your music projects and career goals?

Shae Celine: In a way, yes. It helped me develop my Personal Coaching Practice more, via Zoom. Although I love to be on stage doing my thing, I also really love to share my knowledge and years of experience with people who are inspired to learn. I teach all levels and ages.

RVM: What changes to the Southern Oregon music scene would you like to see within the next year?

SC: I would really love to see more music events in general! Wineries, restaurants, theaters & private homes! The pandemic hit us all so hard, so many shows were canceled. Just in the last two weeks I’ve personally had over 20 shows canceled.

RVM: Will there be a new solo album from you?

SC: Even better! Nick Garrett-Powell and I have been performing together as a duo for about five years now, and we are finally working on an album together! Look for it in 2022!

RVM: Will the album be all or nearly all original songs that you and he co-wrote? Or will there be mashups and covers?

SC: It will be a mixture for sure!!

RVM: It’s a shame the Aretha Franklin Tribute was canceled. Do you think it will be revived in the future?

SC: It is a shame! We were almost ready to open when everything fell through, but yes! We are already talking to venues about booking the Aretha Franklin Tribute in 2022.

RVM: What do you have coming up for the rest of 2021?

SC: I have a lot of duo and trio gigs booked for the rest of this year! Nick & Shae, Shae & Jenni and Rogue Suspects Lite. As the weather gets colder, we will be moving a lot of the music indoors which can usually only accommodate smaller groups.

RVM: On your Facebook page, it mentions that you “left job at The Don’t Stop” in 2020. You’ve been and continue to be a key part of so many “band configurations.” Why did this one in particular come to an end? 

SC: Ooh good question lol! Actually, I still play with many of the members of this particular band in different groups, but honestly sometimes, you start a project with a group of people, and for whatever reason (and there can be many) it doesn’t end up being long-term. I didn’t actually “leave,” it’s just that the group doesn’t play together anymore. One of the members moved up to Portland and many of us have multiple other groups we are also playing with. The Don’t Stop! was, and still is a fantastic band, but so much so, that most of the venues around here can’t quite accommodate our bigger-city, Rock-Concert style. We may get back together at some point and tour down in Cali or up in Portland where they have more venues available.

RVM: I love that you do mashups! I imagine that it would be challenging to select a hard core rap or punk song, do a soothing soulful rendition of it, and then mash it up with another song. What are your thoughts on pulling from far-reaching genres seldom heard from, say, The Rogue Suspects, and then experimenting with them like this?

SC: I love Mashups! And so does Nick Garrett-Powell! He is a genius with them actually. Nick and I both studied Classical and Jazz in college but then went on to perform in rock n’ roll bands, so our abilities lend easily to this sort of thing. We are also what I like to call “multi-generational” and open to a challenge! Some people just can’t hear how on earth you could turn a Dubstep song into a soulful ballad. But, we love that sort of thing! And I believe our audiences love it too!

RVM: Because your experience as a singer, dancer, aerialist and more is so theatrical, have you ever considered writing your own theatrical show, either about your own life or fictional fare?

SC: Hmmm, actually no I haven’t. Honestly, fame and recognition have never been my goals. I sing and dance purely for the sheer love of it! I never aspired to be the next Britney Spears as that life is too far from the honest and true meaning of the performance world I have here.

I could see myself helping someone else write a Theatrical Show, in- act, I am currently doing that with a good friend of mine, Mark Jackson who is producing his own musical he wrote, and Nick and I have been helping him with the music for it.

My goals and aspirations are only to connect people with their hearts & souls through music. I truly believe music to be one of the most powerful healing tools in the world, and if I can make the world a better place by providing this, then I will never stop.

Shae Celine and Nick Garrett-Powell will perform live at Naumes Winery in Talent on Nov. 27. 

and at Bella Union in Jacksonville on Dec 4.     



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