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Summer Music Guide: The Giantess

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Voted readers’ choice “Bestie” in the Messenger’s 2019 poll, The Giantess has been a steady favorite in the region. Namesake Tess Minnick-Gunderson pondered a few questions that we posed.

RVM: Some of your music has a noir feel that fits perfect for sultry jazz club. But it also seems as if summertime is a good time for The Giantess—a chance to take your music outdoors and really let it expand. How does the change in venues—indoor or outdoor shows—affect the set list or performance choices?

Tess Minnick-Gunderson: Well, I guess it mostly depends on the weather! It’s actually very fun for us to adapt to each venue we play. For the warmer months, you can’t beat the beauty of Southern Oregon in our opinion and it’s just amazing to be able to play outdoors whether it’s at a gorgeous winery, a cozy patio or the stages at the Britt Festival. For these types of venues, our set list usually starts off with a dreamy, jazzy and nostalgic feel and finishes out with our upbeat Blues and Rock songs that fill the dance floor. For the smallest of the indoor venues, we follow the same formula but often joke about playing “the lounge versions” of our more rocking stuff. We honestly love it all, from putting on a show to providing a relaxing live soundtrack in the background.

RVM: What’s new for the band? And what hasn’t changed?

TMG: While we are always writing new material and currently finishing up the production of our first album, the newest changes to the band are mostly upgrades to our live sound and show. We have really focused this year on creating a full band sound (guitar, bass, drums and vocals) and stage show as a duo. Our passion for writing, performing and fine tuning our material definitely has not changed and we enjoy every opportunity to play our music.

RVM: Beyond the music, there is an impressive output of poster designs! It seems as if each show has its own special, very distinct quality art poster. Any insights? Who is producing those?

TMG: Thank you! The poster designs are actually all created by the Giantess herself, Tess Minnick-Gunderson. Tess is a digital artist, self-described comic book nerd and gig poster art enthusiast. She loves to create individual poster designs for each performance to bring out the vibe of the show and sometimes the venue itself. The posters are usually inspired by our song lyrics, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and both the real life and imagined adventures of the giantess character and her partner. Prints, bookmarks and shirts with her designs are available upon request and soon at live shows along with our debut album, “Be Love.”

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