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Summer Music Guide: Danielle Kelly

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With a brisk schedule of shows, Danielle Kelly is a tornado of talent, touching down here and there throughout the summer. Complete calendar at her website.

RVM: You have been performing for more than a decade in southern Oregon.  What keeps you going?

Danielle Kelly: I think it’s being committed to growth and improvement. There is always room for development, and this work keeps things feeling exciting. Consistently reinventing and expanding myself and my work keeps me going. An encouraging community and support network help too.

RVM: Not that everything has returned to normal (more or less, and fingers crossed), have your various music projects returned to normal as well? 

DK: We have started filling our calendar back up with gigs yes, but it seems on a more timid, smaller scale. Some of our regular venues didn’t survive the lockdown, and similarly, some can only afford to book us in smaller doses, as a duo or trio, versus the whole band. And not in as often a rotation as pre pandemic times. We had plans forming to tour early 2020, and that opportunity still hasn’t recovered/resumed.

RVM: How – or did – the past two years change how you approach or consider live performances?

DK: My momentum as a live entertainer being halted at the beginning of this COVID mess was painful. I think the most valuable silver lining has been the lesson of self-reliance, and learning to lean on personal development to get my creative fix. And, of course, being starved for live performance experience, it makes connection with audiences now that much sweeter. I don’t take anything for granted.

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