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Summer Music Guide: Brothers Reed

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Yes, they are brothers and, yes, just about any day of the week, you can find a Brothers Reed show, some times even two!

RVM: You-all seem to be keeping a very steady schedule! I mean, not daily shows, but close. What keeps the fires stoked so high? 

Aaron Reed: We love to play. That’s the main thing that keeps us going. We feel the more you get out and expose yourself to new places and situations, the better performer and musician you become. Staying busy and being on the road consistently really keeps us sharp and makes us feel dialed.

RVM: No need to pick a favorite venue, but can you tell us about a venue that you like a whole lot? 

AR: I think our two performances at Craterian are the highlights of our career. Playing to that many folks, in a state-of-the-art theater, who are all there to watch us perform, feels pretty good.

RVM: Does the brother banter continue off-stage?  What are Thanksgiving dinners like? Or, is it more like the cobbler’s kids have the worst shoes – and once off stage, the instruments and banter goes away?  

AR: The banter is always there but not nearly as much as on stage. Thanksgiving is usually Phil, myself, and our wives so we tend to leave the guitars in their cases, for our wives’ sake. Sometimes it feels like we are a family of barnacles, can’t ever seem to get away from each other!

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