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Popular Tips When Choosing Disk Brake Rotors

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When it comes to your personal car, the hardest things to keep track of are mostly the bits of machinery that can’t be seen, but play a crucial part in your vehicle. One of these parts is the brake rotors or brake rotors which basically help the car to stop moving once the brakes are applied. Most car accidents usually happen as a result of a faulty braking system and poor maintenance is largely to blame. However, to prevent all this, you should consistently check on your brake rotors and brake fluids to ensure they are in perfect working conditions. For new car owners, knowing which brake rotors are available is key to properly maintaining them once you have put your car to proper use. Here’s a brief guide on how to go about choosing the best disk brake rotors.

Understanding the types of Brake Rotors Available

Brake rotors come in various forms ranging from your usual economy motor to the other slightly more complex cross drilled rotors. Some luxury vehicles also have slotted brake rotors to maximize on their faster acceleration and deceleration. Mostly, the brake disk depends on the weight of the vehicle with heavier trucks featuring advanced cross drilled rotors whereas lighter sedans have smooth economy ones. These variations differ in thickness and complexity. Economy rotors are thicker but don’t have as much surface area since they don’t feature any spacing between the surfaces.

Differentiating Brake Rotors based on Material

Rotors are basically made from two materials, namely; steel and iron. Steel rotors are lighter and more expensive since they are largely safe from rust and offer faster cooling. However, iron rotors last longer and don’t bend as much as steel rotors. You can easily tell if a steel rotor is worn out since your disc rotor will give out a sharp, shrill sound when the brakes are engaged. Iron rotors on the other hand tend to be less expensive and thicker, and when they wear out you will notice some difficulty in steering since the heavy load transfers some of the pressure on the steering system.

Are Ceramic Rotors any Better?

Ceramic rotors are the most expensive option and are typically found in high-end vehicles. They offer the best braking system as compared to steel and iron motors and this is why they are expensive. However, unlike premium steel and iron motors, ceramic motors break easily and can’t be resurfaced when they wear out. Resurfaced steel is a popular option when searching for second hand rotors.


Overall, getting the right brake rotors will largely depend on your vehicle, the terrain, and your budget. If you intend on driving on rough terrains then iron cross drilled rotors would be your best bet. However, you should always seek professional assistance if you are not sure which option would work best for you. Also ensure you properly maintain your brake rotors any chance you get since this will save you a lot of expenses in the long run.

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