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Joshua Stirm writes the Rogue Sounds column. He divides his time between studying Emerging Media and Digital Arts at SOU in Ashland, working at the RVTV studio on the SOU campus, as well as writing/performing/producing music in The Juniper Berries and various other odd-ball audio projects. He has a passion for DIY music, art, and culture and is very excited about further pursuing a career in the media creation/music industries.

Host/Producer of Local Smoke Radio on KSKQ 89.5 fm Ashland & 94.1 fm Medford

For over 10 years, Dr. Tichauer's practice has been focused on the treatment of tick-borne illness, environmental medicine, chronic neurodegenerative diseases, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. He is a fellowship-trained member of ILADS and well versed in mold and biotoxin illness. Practicing from an integrative medical model, he combines the benefits of pharmaceutical medications with diet and natural therapies designed to stimulate recovery and restore health.

Vanessa Newman taught Rogue Valley Manor residents to do Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Rogue Community College students to do Pilates and Parkinson’s clients to dance. She grew up in Massachusetts, moved to Colorado and now resides in Oregon with her family. She began writing at age eight, but now she writes more and can be found relocating chocolate at Lillie Belle Farms. She has published articles in IDEA, Rocky Mountain Sports, Women’s Edition, Rogue Valley Messenger and online at and eHow. She has also written online courses for companies like SkillSoft, Chevron, and Anheuser-Busch. Her published children’s books and novels are available at Amazon, SoulSongFlutes