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Krister Axel is a published lyricist, poet, pianist, and composer living in Ashland who writes song and album reviews at for bands from around the world. CHILLFILTR is also a music channel on Apple News. Use code 6DLJ5Z6 to add the CHILLFILTR channel for free on Roku TV.

Joshua Stirm writes the Rogue Sounds column. He divides his time between studying Emerging Media and Digital Arts at SOU in Ashland, working at the RVTV studio on the SOU campus, as well as writing/performing/producing music in The Juniper Berries and various other odd-ball audio projects. He has a passion for DIY music, art, and culture and is very excited about further pursuing a career in the media creation/music industries.

Host/Producer of Local Smoke Radio on KSKQ 89.5 fm Ashland & 94.1 fm Medford