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Know These Hidden Mac Features to Improve Usage Experience

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Regardless of how long you have used your Mac, there’s always something new to learn. Here’s a compilation of hidden Mac features to improve your usage experience. 

Perform Actions Automatically Using Hot Corners 

Suppose you want your computer to perform specific actions without human intervention, set up Hot Corners. Then, move the cursor to a particular corner of the screen, and the action will be performed. 

Set this up by going to System Preferences > Mission Control > Hot Corners. Then, choose specific actions for each corner of the screen. 

Expand the Display with Apple Sidecar 

Gain a second screen in no time using Apple Sidecar. This is a feature built into iPadOS and macOS. It allows users with both devices to link the two wirelessly or wired. The iPad becomes Mac’s second screen when linked, and you can shift applications to the iPad. 

While running Sidecar on your iPad, you can continue using iPad applications. 

Are you thinking about how to enable Sidecar? The setup process is straightforward. Ensure both iPadOS and macOS are compatible with this feature. Then, from the Mac menu bar, click the Apple logo > System Preferences > Sidecar > choose the iPad you want to connect to and the settings you prefer. Done! Now use your iPad as your Mac’s second display. 

Run Two Apps Side By Side With Split View 

Want to run two applications side by side? There’s the Split View feature that makes this happen. You don’t have to resize the windows, saving you from switching between applications. 

You can enable Split View by opening two applications and placing them on opposite sides of the screen. Open the app, click the green bubble in the top left corner of its window, and choose either Tile Window to the Right or Left of Screen. The application will fill that side of the screen. Then, click the other application and place it on the opposite side of the screen to fill the screen’s r remainder. 

You can exit Split View by pressing Escape on the keyboard or clicking the green bubble again. 

Automatically Launch Apps When Mac Switches On 

Do you usually open the same set of applications after your Mac boots? If so, there’s a setting to save time and effort each morning. You can automate your startup routine by setting up the login items. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > choose your username and enter the Login Items tab > click the plus icon > go to the Applications section > double-click the programs you want to fire up as your computer boots immediately. 

The utility isn’t restricted to only applications. You can use it to launch videos, pictures, and anything else from the Finder application. 

Dictate Instead of Typing With Dictation 

There’s an in-built Dictation feature that you can use instead of typing. With this feature turned on, you can dictate text, and the computer will automatically convert it into text. 

You can enable this feature by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation. 

Work Distraction-Free With Do Not Disturb (Focus)

Are you tired of getting distracting notifications on your screen? The Do Not Disturb feature will help minimize distractions so you can stay on task. This feature silences alerts and notifications on your Mac, allowing you to focus without interruptions. 

The Do Not Disturb feature has been upgraded to Focus, and it comes with multiple customizable modes. 

You can add or remove a Focus by clicking the Apple menu > System Preferences or Settings > Focus. Then, you can click Add Focus to choose a specific mode like Work, Gaming, Sleeping, or Driving. Also, you can select a custom Focus and create one for your specific tasks. You can browse through the list of notifications and alerts to customize them. 

Follow the same steps to remove a Focus and create new ones. 

The custom Focus modes will be synced across Apple devices. So you don’t have to manually do it all over again on each of your Apple devices. 

Reduce Blue Light Exposure with Night Shift 

Too much blue light exposure from your computer will tell your brain that it is daytime. Eventually, you will find it difficult to sleep and have a healthy schedule. Hence, switching off or locking your device at least two hours before bed is recommended. In addition to this, Mac lets you reduce blue light exposure throughout the day with the Night Shift feature. 

Head to System Preferences > click Displays > select Night Shift. This differs from the Dark mode as it automatically adjusts the light and brightness according to the environment. 


Improve your Mac usage experience by using the features mentioned above. These features boost productivity and ensure you make the most of your computer. However, remember to keep exploring because Mac offers so many more features. 

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