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Is Gaming Good Or Bad?

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Games have always been popular with children. It is a great way to spend time. In addition, games are great for stimulating brains. However, like with everything, more of a certain can not be good.

With rising trends of obesity and poor social skills of children nowadays, parents often call into question the value of games. Are they good or bad for their children?

The Good

Gaming has plenty of benefits. The benefits of gaming are the following:

  • Coordination skills – Some video games require or even allow you to play alongside a group for certain activities. These game activities help your child develop coordination and communication skills. In addition, when you or your child is engaged in a game, their visual, audial, and physical movements at the same time must be coordinated.
  • Problem-solving – Video games help children develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. One marker of a well-made video game is that it can retain the player’s attention for a long time, harnessing their full concentration on achieving certain objectives set out by the game. You can continue to test your, and other gamers’ creative cognitive abilities are tested as they try to figure out different ways to solve the problems set out to advance to the next level.
  • Learning – Every market has a game that caters to it. In the market, you can play games that teach children about the alphabet, history, and others designed for entertainment. In addition, some institutions offer and integrate video games as part of their teaching methodology. The games strengthen students’ cognitive and creative skills and learning through a fun and entertaining format.
  • Enhances brain speed and memory – Better visual and audial memory is a perk of playing video games. Before continuing onto the game, the player must read or listen to the instructions, which might only be provided at the beginning of the game. In addition, you will need to master the use of keys on your keyboard, which becomes proof of the motion memory you developed from gaming.

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The Bad

The negative effects of gaming include:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle – If you spend too much time gaming, you may become more unhealthy. Sitting on your butt in front of the computer is unhealthy as it is a sign you have a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of developing various diseases, especially if you do not try to move and eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Vision problems – To complete video games, players must stay in front of the computer for a long. The player has to stay focused during playtime consistently. With extended hours of focus on the screen comes eye strain.
  • Migraine – Lastly, a risk of too many video games is migraine. People who play a lot are more prone to migraines due to the intense concentration required while gaming and the strain on the eyes by staring at a bright screen.

Wrapping Up

Gaming is not intrinsically good. And nor is it inherently bad. What makes the huge difference in separating the concept and activity of gaming as “good” or “bad” is the way you let it influence your life. Moderation should be practiced. This means you must limit your gaming time and make room for other good things.



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