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How To Embrace Fashion while Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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Increasing CO2 emissions are causing environmental problems worldwide. As much as we love fashion, we know the industry significantly contributes to the issue. The good thing is that there are many changes fashionistas can make to reduce their carbon footprint. Every person who shifts their behavior can contribute to doing great things for the environment. This article will discuss embracing fashion trends while reducing harmful environmental impacts.

Review the Quality Above All Else 

Nothing good can come from purchasing poor-quality clothing. Buying well-made pieces, like the apparel available from the Bella + Canvas Maker’s Program, means the clothes are less likely to fall apart quickly and end up in the trash. 

Do not be swayed only by the looks of an item or the brand name on the label. The quality needs to be there, not just because you want to ensure you are getting your money’s worth but also for the environment’s sake. Read the garment’s label to identify the type of material and required care instructions. 

Be Mindful of How You Wash Your Clothes

Did you know that washing your clothing in hot water can damage it? According to information via the Department of Design and Merchandising at Colorado State University, your carbon footprint could decrease by 10% if you switch to using cold water. How you wash your clothes can significantly impact the integrity of the fabric, your energy bills, and the environment, so you may want to evaluate your current laundry habits.

You also want to make sure to do full loads of laundry. Partial loads waste water and electricity, but that does not mean you should overstuff your washer. Look for detergent suitable to wash all garment types in cold water.

Review Eco-friendly Dry Cleaners

Chances are at least a few items in your home must go to a dry cleaner rather than your washing machine. Check if there are any eco-friendly dry cleaners near you. Review their business to learn what exactly it is that makes them “eco-friendly.” 

Air Dry Clothing When Possible

It will not always be ideal to put your clothes outside to dry. Weather conditions, like your current living arrangements, have much to do with it. However, air dry your clothing instead of putting it in the dryer when possible.

If some of your loved ones cannot hang their clothes outside, consider letting them do it at your house. It is a way to help them out, enjoy great conversation together when they come to hang the clothes or pick them up, and will help the environment in the process. 

Limit Buying New Clothing

When you deeply love fashion, limiting the purchase of new clothing items can often be challenging. However, it is something to seriously consider doing if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Purchase clothing only if you have to, but consider alternatives.

Buy Secondhand Clothing 

There are a multitude of benefits to buying secondhand clothing and accessories. It reduces the number of garments in landfills, can decrease carbon emissions, and can help you find clothes you likely will no longer see in retail stores, especially with the resurgence of fashion of decades past. 

Be Sure of Your Clothing Choices Before Buying

Consider your choices before purchasing if you plan on buying new or secondhand clothes. If you doubt it for any reason, it is better to pass on the item until you find one in which you are confident. Not only would buying the garment anyway be a potential waste of money, but it will not help reduce your carbon footprint.

Evaluate Clothing Material

Check what material an article of clothing is composed of before buying it to reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing clothes that state on the label that they consist of options like “organic cotton” or recycled materials could be more beneficial to purchase than ones made of synthetics.

Request Specific Fashion Gifts

If people typically buy you gifts for one occasion or another, like a birthday or holiday, let them know the specific eco-friendly fashion gifts you want. This helpful guidance can be beneficial so you do not have to donate what you do not want or that does not fit properly. For example, ask for sustainable clothing, a gift card to a secondhand store, or a basket full of eco-friendly detergent. 

Learn Repair Techniques 

At some point, you may experience a button falling off, a zipper breaking, a rip happening, or some other clothing issue that requires repairing. If you know how to fix these problems, you do not have to worry about paying someone else to restore them or be tempted to toss out the apparel.

There are in-person classes you can take, but if that is not an option, consider watching online tutorials. They can help you learn new things faster than you may think. 

Share Clothes With Loved Ones

You do not necessarily have to buy new (or secondhand) clothes if you need something different to wear. Consider sharing garments with loved ones and friends who are the same size as you. It allows you to try other pieces and expand your wardrobe without buying additional clothing.

Choose Eco-friendly Clothing Care Products 

Nowadays, there are more eco-friendly clothing care products than ever before. For example, you can easily find eco-friendly detergent online and in stores. Read the details about several options until you discover a great detergent you feel would be a good fit for you and your wardrobe. Then, buy a small bottle to test the detergent’s performance and ensure you are not sensitive to it. 

Deal With Stains

Promptly handling stains will likely mean you will have less trouble getting them out later. The longer a stain sits, the worse it can get. If you cannot get it out yourself, you may have to take the garment to a dry cleaner to see if they can remove the stain, especially if it is in a conspicuous spot. Alternatively, depending on the location and your creativity, you can add some patches to the stained area. 

To begin your journey of reducing your carbon footprint while embracing your love of fashion, list the positive changes you want to make and how to implement them. You do not have to do all of them at once, but getting organized is a great way to determine what you can do now to get started.

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