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Creating a Culture of Wellness in Your Small Business

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Creating a culture of wellness in your business doesn’t happen overnight, but it can benefit your employees since they will feel less stressed and have more satisfaction at work. Of course, it’s about more than yearly screenings or challenges. If you want to really help, make a difference, you need to cultivate a culture of wellness. Doing so can empower your workers to create better habits.

Ensure Your Initiative is Feasible

When you own a smaller company, you likely do not have the budget to offer an expensive wellness initiative. You likely can’t afford fancy equipment for employees to work out on their lunch break, and even offering healthy snacks can add up over time. Make sure that the benefits you do offer are affordable for the business.

You can think of these benefits as an investment in your employees since doing so can result in greater employee satisfaction. If funds are really tight, you might consider investing some of your personal money into the business. You might use a personal loan to get your finances in order and free up funds for your business. Looking into personal loans are a great way to consolidate existing debt so there is more to invest in your wellness initiative.

Offer Better Choices

It’s a fact that healthy meal plans support nutrition goals, so when offering company meals, offer healthier choices, such as vegetables and fresh fruits. You can offer healthier snacks in breakrooms and the kitchen. Instead of offering fatty, high-sugar ones, like doughnuts, consider offering whole food options. And make sure there is plenty of water available. You should also encourage healthier habits. For example, you can incentivize employees to be healthier. Reward those who have done wellness activities. You might offer wearables, discounts at the gym, or something else that’s fun.

Encouraging Social Health

It’s also important for employees to be able to engage others since social wellness is another part of a healthy workplace. Look for chances to help your workers get to know each other and form social connections. You could host lunches or company happy hours. There are plenty of ways to combine physical activity with social activity. For example, host team-building activities or create a walking club. You might host a breakfast for the team once every week, where you can serve healthier foods. When an employee has positive personal connections at work, they are more likely to be happy.

Helping Everyone Get Moving

It’s a good idea to have people move throughout the day. You might host a walking meeting instead of having everyone sit down. Switch to desks that allow workers to alternate between sitting and standing. And encourage everyone to speak to each other face to face instead of sitting down to email or call. This allows everyone to get in more steps throughout the day. Of course, employees won’t necessarily know where to start if left on their own, which is why it’s such a good idea to offer resources on health and wellness. Try to send resources that offer information on health and other aspects of wellness.


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