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Best Day Trips and Cruising Routes Around Las Vegas, According to Bikers 

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Las Vegas is best known for its casinos. But there is more to Las Vegas than gambling. Many motorcycle enthusiasts that visit Nevada for its casinos quickly discover that the state also features some of the best roads for biking in the country. 

So if you are planning a visit to Las Vegas for whatever reason, you may want to add biking to your list of activities. As a visitor, you may be limited in your knowledge of the perfect roads in the state for biking. But worry not, as this guide lists a few of the best biking routes around Las Vegas.

The Red Canyon National Conservation Area

The conservation area is only 15 minutes and 12 miles away from Las Vegas and is ideal for riders looking for short rides. The trip starts on highway 159, heading west past Calico Basin until you reach the canyon entrance area. You do not pay to access the park, but you must get clearance. 

Some of the notable scenic views in the park include the calico hills, the Sandstone Quarry Overlook, Turtlehead Peak, and White Rock Hills High Point, among others. Flash floods are a common hazard for hikers on the canyon but can also pose a risk for riders, so make sure you get the latest weather update before setting off on your ride.

Hoover Dam and Tillman Bridge — 70-Mile Round Trip

The Hoover Dam and Tillman Bridge round trip is a great option if you want a longer ride. The route offers 70 miles round trip, with the main highlights of the trip being the Hoover Dam along the Colorado River and the incredible Pat Tillman Bridge, all in a day’s trip. 

The Hoover Dam and Tillman Bridge are on a simple highway along US 93, with excellent signage, so you don’t have to worry about losing your way. You can pay a small fee to get a guided tour of the dam built in the 1930s and one of the greatest feats of engineering in the world.

After the Hoover Dam, you will find the Tillman Bridge ahead along the same highway, which offers some of the best photography sites on the route.

Oatman, Arizona — 250-Mile Round Trip

If you want the ultimate riding experience, consider a round trip to Oatman, Arizona. It will take you three hours to reach Oatman, so a round trip would be six hours. If six hours on a bike is not something you want to do in a day, you can split the trip into two and spend the night at Oatman. 

Oatman has a rich mining history, with its main attractions being wild burros that roam the streets and wild west shows reminiscent of the town’s history. Being in this town feels like traveling back in time and can make for an experience of a lifetime. Many streets in Oatman are dirt covered, so you will need to ride cautiously.

Some of the More Dangerous Intersections and Routes 

Distracted driving is a big problem all around America. According to the NHTSA, it causes over 3,000 deaths yearly on American roads. Las Vegas is a beautiful city with so much happening that it is hard for visitors to resist distractions while on the wheel, which sometimes results in accidents. 

Some of the most notorious intersections for distracted driving-related accidents include the Las Vegas strip, 215 beltway, I-15, and downtown Vegas. 

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver while riding in Las Vegas, talking to a Las Vegas motorcycle crash attorney can help improve your chances of recovering fair compensation for damages suffered. 

Final Words

Biking is fun, irrespective of where you do it. But knowing the perfect roads for every city makes the experience much more fun. 

If you are in Vegas and looking for the ultimate riding experience, the destinations highlighted above rank at the top based on recommendations from other bikers.


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