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Tyrell Trimble

Tyrell Trimble

If conspiracy theorists are to be believed, extraterrestrials have been infiltrating humanity for decades on a campaign to brainwash the masses. Unfortunately, it looks like Viacom has beat them to it. However one group of intergalactic travelers, King Ghidora, have decided the best way to achieve that end is to

The independent music scene has produced an abundance of crossover genres and odd polysyllabic descriptors. But even with all these newfound labels some bands still don’t fit into a neat little package, like Fortune’s Folly. The Eugene band’s sound compacts all the riffy goodness expected from a traditional jam band

Electronic music often caters to a sizable, yet admittedly niche audience. However, one group out of Monterey California strives to take electronic out of the rave and into the retirement home. (Well maybe not that far.) Lillie Lemon and her cohort Erica Wobbles bring singer-songwriter sensibilities to electronic music and

Like all computers, synthesizers once cost untold dollars and filled entire rooms. But as technology, has evolved musicians have followed suit. Newfound availability, and more modest price points, have given rise to an entirely new species of musical act: the electro-auteur. One such visionary, Beca, will be stopping by the

“We have this thing where we say ‘let us help you shake out the bullshit’ and that’s our main goal,” says D.on Darox frontman of D.on Darox & the Melody Joy Backers. Come Sat. June 25. Grants Pass locals will have the opportunity to shake something loose at The Haul

Bookers and promoters are the unsung heroes of any music scene, so this issue the Rogue Valley Messenger decided to shoot the breeze with Jeremiah Lynch booker and promoter at the Bamboo Room in Medford, which in only a few months of hosting live music has already started pulling in

Unless you have recently celebrated your bar mitzvah it’s unlikely Klezmer music plays a significant role in your life. However, the Oddjob Ensemble are coming Fri., June 10, to The Haul in Grants Pass to prove the sounds of Eastern Europe are for more than scoring wacky scenes involving problematic

A lot has changed since Boatnik launched in the late 1950s—a time when drag racing was an unbridled teenage thrill and supersonic jets were a technological obsession. At that time, the annual motorboat races were something a bit more wild and unregulated. “Things have changed considerably since those days,” says

Once the playground of the Merle Haggards and Bill Monroes of the world, mainstream country has become a twangy, annoying imitation of pop. However, within the independent scene, there is a movement that seeks embellish rather than obscure the early Americana roots by fusing early country stylings with gypsy jazz,

Summer is just around the corner and while for some this means possible droughts and bank-breaking air conditioning bills, for others this means festival season. There’s no better way to get the summer season started off right then enjoy a weekend of hot sweaty dancing at Williams Oregon’s eighth annual