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Olivia Doty

Olivia Doty

  For the cannabis industry in Oregon, 2016 started as a year of promise. Instead, it was year of roller coaster rides, and for some, dashed hopes and dreams. Medical growers and providers in Jackson County, one of the state’s largest producing counties, find themselves fighting the County for their right

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to gift my mom, who was visiting from out of state, a specific CBD edible product. The calming caramel from Epic Edibles seemed like the perfect match as an alternative to the anti-anxiety pharmaceutical that she had been prescribed, but I couldn’t find them

Well, it seems that everyone was too stoned to bother voting, at least in Jackson County. The upshot from Election 2016 is more communities in Oregon have become less marijuana friendly. Here is a breakdown of some of the votes that did and didn’t pass. In Grants Pass, a 1

Tommy Chong is currently under house arrest. Don’t panic; it’s a self-imposed house arrest. Back in 2003, when he ended up going to jail for selling pipes intended for smoking pot, there was a moment when he thought house arrest was going to be an option, and he was so

Especially in the United States, it is not even a second thought for people when they go to the grocery store that the fresh fruits and vegetables they buy are going to be safe for consumption. Well, usually (wash that spinach, who knows how long it has been in that

Be it wine or weed, some people go for the cheap stuff. But there are still plenty of us snobs out there. For every wine connoisseur who delights in the jammy, blackberry nose on their 2011 Tempranillo from RoxyAnn Winery in Medford, there is a weed connoisseur who will happily

Finally, at the beginning of June, Oregon adults were deemed responsible enough to give concentrates and edibles (in small, restricted doses) a try.  So now, we all can try and figure out what Dabs are.  Broadly, concentrates are any cannabis product where the cannabinoids (the THC, CBD, CBG and so

  Some say the “Marijuana Revolution” is the next boom of industry in America, similar to the Internet and Tech boom, or the gold rush; many labeling it the Green Rush. That attitude was clear at the recent International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco. In addition to learning about

The Oregon Health Authority is currently taking comments on the proposal to change the Medical Marijuana Program. Along with many changes that increase security and accountability, they are also proposing to move the date of compliance for growers up significantly, March 1, 2016, a year earlier than was previously proposed.

Over the past two year helping launch The Messenger, I have traveled to most nooks and corners of the Rogue Valley. Often, after lugging stacks of newspapers, I’d take a break; a quick pull-over next to Applegate River, a detour through Lithia Park, a short bike through Bear Creek Greenway—and sometimes