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Mike Dickenson

Mike Dickenson

Mike started writing in elementary school and never looked back, though is still not a big fan of cursive. He got his first big break when he was picked up by the Elko Daily Free Press as a freelance writer during his two year-long hitchhiking stint from Nevada to Argentina. He currently lives in Ashland.

The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. The Marathon Monks of Japan. The message carriers of the Incan Empire and those of the Iroquois Confederacy. These were some of the original ultrarunners, athletes who ran beyond limit and reason. Here in the Rogue Valley, the tradition continues. Most ultra-races have a minimum

As the snow begins to melt, our creeks and rivers start to swell. Take a little time to enjoy these nearby waterfalls during the first phase of springtime. Dead Indian Soda Springs: This remote swimming hole offers a perfect water slide in the Rogue National Forest. This beautiful spot earned

The snow is coming down hard as I load onto the Windsor chairlift. This has been a tremendous year for deep snow at Mount Ashland, and today is no exception. Beside me is a talkative young man with a ski jacket that reads MARA (Mount Ashland Racing Association). He, along

A romantic date doesn’t have to break the bank. Rather than spending your time indoors, take someone you love to one of the many romantic outposts in the surrounding area. Pilot Rock: This columnar basalt volcanic core has been a road marker to travelers for hundreds of years – so

For skiers, January is a sweet spot. There are literally hundreds of miles of snow-covered mountainside in the area just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re wanting a chair to take you to the top of a ski run, or are willing to earn your turns, this winter is looking

OK, the holidays are over. Time to ditch the ugly Christmas sweaters and don a styling parka and enjoy the beautiful (and at times chilly) Great Outdoors. We can’t all be glacier climbers, but our Winter Outdoor Guide should provide some insight on outdoor winter pastimes that aren’t so treacherous

With new reports of a La Niña forecast for Southern Oregon, things are looking good for winter sport enthusiasts (and farmers, of course). Snowshoeing is an inexpensive way to get out into the winter wilderness and avoid the crowds at the ski hill. Make sure to get acquainted with the

There are plenty of opportunities for rock-hounds in Southern Oregon. Whether you’re a hardened miner or just a hobby gem seeker, a few guidelines will help ensure that your outing is a successful one. Obviously, get all your permits and passes set up beforehand. Check with relevant agencies to ensure

Authors have been writing about Oregon for some time now, and many a fiction novel is set in the green state—Goonies, Sometimes a Great Notion, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, to name just a few. Southern Oregon is the setting for a number of books in multiple genres, so

  Snow-topped peaks and green valleys provide excellent eye-candy this time of year. Hikers (and painters and photographers) seeking a vantage point will be rewarded for their efforts. Southern Oregon offers plenty of spots for wide expansive views at the end of a good hike. Local go-tos include the ever