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Mac Graham

Jamie and Katherine McCleary hit the start button on their long-planned dream in 2007, identifying and acquiring an old pear orchard, among the south-facing heights of Fern Valley north of Phoenix. Two years later, they had planted five combined acres of Viognier, Tempranillo, Syrah and Grenache, with a first harvest

Although rooted in the past, Edenvale Winery is about being present. The winery is located on the heritage grounds and museum-grade Voorhies Mansion outside Phoenix, the first pear orchard in Oregon, dating back to 1885 (and also available at a secondary tasting room at the rustic-urbane Euro-enoteka on the plaza

To explain U5 it is necessary to explain the geography; after all, the name sounds more like a geological survey than a catchy vineyard name. Developed on the upper five acres (hence, U5) of the historic Bagley pear orchard, just a little above Talent, off Wagner Creek Road, the north-and-west

Most oenophiles, even the most officious, admit that the rules have all changed.  Anything goes with most anything, if that’s what you like. Still, a few basic guidelines are commonly accepted. Red meats and rich, robust sauces are generally paired with red wines—the heartier and heftier the recipe, the bolder

Despite deep-seated views to the contrary, grilling fish really is not so hard. Most common complaints include: sticking to the grill and breaking apart when turning, yielding an end-product that is unsightly and chronically under- or over-done, or worse, falling through the grill into the ash and coal. A couple

Old Town Central Point, near the tracks, houses a mini-mall of culinary/agri-tourism delights, and central to it, between chocolatier LilleBelle Farms and Rogue Creamery, sits Ledger-David’s Le Petit Tasting Room. There, wine-educator Robert Trottman and staff dispense their full lineup for tasting, purchase, and scheduled wine-club events. All are 100

This spring, proprietor Scott Keith added taps and local wines to his seven year old outdoor recreational supply business, the Northwest Outdoor Store in Medford. It is a great pairing. Currently, ten Oregon brews and six Southern Oregon wines rotate at a revolving-door tempo, engendered by brisk demand. A light

Medford Beer Week is a carnival of activities, with local and out-of-town brewers showcasing beers, and also a mash-up of beer and. . . kickball, painting, pairings with Girl Scout cookies. A few of our choices: Thursday, June 2: Two notable tap takeovers, Arch Rock (from Gold Beach) offering four

Medford’s Portal Brewing Company and brewpub is expanding, and will open June 1 in lucky, thirsty Talent. In a space shared with Ton-ton’s Artisan Affections—formerly occupied by Inti Restaurant—Portal will operate a casual cookery and tap-house modeled after their petite and artistic locality in downtown Medford. Besides the run of

A lineup of eight brews—three seasonal and five year-round—are brewed on-sight, to headline a local/organic menu and operations plan that puts its money where it mouth is. Not just local ingredient sourcing, but increasingly local ingredient production, at the One Mile Farm just outside town; not just benefits and progressive