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Julie Gillis

Julie Gillis

Working at a University back in Texas years and years ago, I noticed stickers in certain office windows — “Ally,” they read — with a rainbow background. After inquiring, I learned that many of the staff members and professors wanted to ensure a safe space for LGBTQ and questioning students.

Ever want to crush something under your wheels? Love grabbing the wheel of a big car and just gunning the engine? Curious what it might be like to race, smash, and control 10,000 pounds of metal? TRAXXAS Monster Truck Destruction Tour is coming to the Jackson County Expo Center on

We all know the difference between the lines between good and evil, don’t we? What if we could see beyond the actions of evil, and hear the words—the justifications, the reasoning, the histories—directly from the criminal’s mouth to find a deeper understanding of “why?” Would we come to the same conclusions?

Arctic ice is melting at rapid rates, polar vortexes are chilling regions as far south as Texas, articles on the degradation of the environment are being published left and right. It can feel daunting to know exactly what to do to face the coming crisis, let alone stop it. Climate

Holiday music plays in the background of a cozy coffee shop as actor and director Bob Herried discussed his production of White Christmas, opening at the Randall Theatre in Medford on December 9. A Rogue Valley native, Herried has been a member of the local theater community for 44 years.

There is an episode of the popular TV sitcom Parks and Recreation in which social media genius Tom Haverford texts while driving and has his smartphone taken away. He is unable to cope, so his boss takes him into the woods to briefly detox from the modern world. This is