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Erin McMenomy

Erin McMenomy

What would I do if I knew this was the last day of my life? While we’ve all likely pondered this hypothetical question at some point, few of us have been faced with the reality of making the decision—and even fewer have had to do so while seeking solace on

Grocery lists, laundry piles, and endless errands. Oh…the ever-so-glamourous life of a mother! While these types of dreaded duties may sound more like the makings of a horror film than a comedy, local narrative short, UberMom, is anything but dark, portraying ordinary obligations such as these in lighthearted and comical

Most of us can relate to the feeling of lost normalcy lately—leaving home without a face mask, or socializing with friends without a computer, for example. But while these forlorn conveniences rightfully elicit grief, there’s one group of people that’s also mourning the loss of something much bigger: closure. Yes,

  As closures, cancellations and confinements continue, people itching for isolation-relief now have a way to get reconnected to society—ironically, without necessarily leaving the house (or, more technically correct, without breaking shelter-in-place rules). This ray of light comes thanks to the Rogue Valley Family YMCA’s continuation of their annual Pear

Local Artisans Turn to Technology following Cancellation of Medford Comic Con   While the cancellation of this year’s annual Medford Comic Con (MCC) caused many cosplayers to hang up their tear-stained costumes, online offerings from local vendors are helping comic book junkies and anime aficionados keep the spirit alive, no

  We’ve all been there—struck with a surge of creative inspiration and determined to tackle that unfinished project collecting dust. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for our ambition to be overpowered by our lack of tools, space, or skills. But luckily there’s a solution for budding-builders, and it comes in

While loaded lunges, bleacher-runs and air squats may not typically be the first images that come to mind when thinking about downhill skiing, for high school students who’ve trained with the Medford Ski Education Foundation (MSEF), these types of leg-blasting workouts often become synonymous with the sport. That’s because, because

Microwaved chicken nuggets, cold tater-tots, cardboard pizza.  When it comes to common perceptions of school cafeteria lunches, these less-than-appetizing provisions are likely among the list of what comes to mind for many parents. (Along with the classic “mystery meat.”)  For parents with children in Jackson or Josephine Counties, however, this

Now a third of the way into their season, the Southern Oregon Spartans are primed to end 2019 with strong momentum and are looking to the New Year with optimism. Their goal? Get back into the win column and make the playoffs.  “We started the season off with a great