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Elise Herron

Elise Herron

Jonny Steiger takes a philosophical approach in describing why cheese is the superior dairy product. “Well first, cheese is delicious.” he says, adding, “Milk has a short shelf life. Cheese, on the other hand, is milk’s attempt at immortality.” Steiger, a Wisconsin native, and his husband Tyson Ferhman are the

From The Earth Soda lives up to its name—all organic ingredients, fresh from the farm and keg. A new vendor at local farmer’s markets, From The Earth also has expanded to Immortal Spirits, Buttercloud, Bricktowne Brewing Co, and Café 116. And, in the process, this Ashland company is setting a

Bees make up such an important part of our ecosystem it’s surprising there aren’t more festivals dedicated to them. As pollinators, bees are crucial for countless agricultural products that we depend on—including delicious honey and mead. An eclectic community of beekeepers, artists, educators, and pollinator protectors are bringing The Oregon

With four wheels, 15 bike seats, bright yellow and red paint, and bold signage, Medford’s new Pint Rider is certainly a spectacle, looking something like an open-air caboose filled to the brim with a jocular spin class shuttling from one bar to the next. Familiar in brewery cities like Bend

Locavore has become so commonplace in dining that it is surprising that the term is really only a eleven years old, coined by Berkeley-based author and chef Jessica Prentice who fused together two words to describe her month-long experiment in eating only local food; locus, meaning place and vorare, meaning

Last Monday, two fatigued and famished drivers pulled up to BadAss Coffee, a drive-thru on Medford’s Crater Lake Avenue. A bold-lettered “Bento” sign, displayed by a sandwich board on the sidewalk, beckons with an arrow towards the small coffee shack. A cartoony mural of adventurous bikers adorns the wall of

Who have hollow bones, can feel earth’s magnetism, reach altitudes of five and half miles above sea level and travel more than 49,700 miles a year during migration? Birds, of course. And Southern Oregon is lucky to be a stop on many migratory paths. Linda Chesney of North Mountain Park

Life itself is a binge, as Julia Child once said, and beautiful food is a unique joy of living. Inspired chefs are artists in their industry—using fresh ingredients, complex flavors, and complementary color and texture combinations to make masterpieces. “New, fresh ingredients are my paint and canvas,” says one of

Gather your re-usable tote bags, dust off your sun hat, and strap a basket to your bike—the farmers markets are back in the Rogue Valley. Springtime means a chance to explore the incredible array of fresh produce, hand-made crafts, baked goods, cheeses, coffee, floral arrangements, and much more that the

A Taste of Ashland sounds a bit like Disneyland for food connoisseury adults and wine lovers. Ticket holders follow a trail of decadent eats and drinks through 17 of Ashland’s art galleries. And, at each gallery there’s a different regional wine to try—one that has been paired with food from