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Dr. Deborah Gordon

Dr. Deborah Gordon

… about your life, I would like to make sure that you are getting enough sleep. Easier said than done, let’s talk about it. After Christmas I thoroughly enjoyed a week away (Whidbey Island in the winter is rainy but so sweet!) and a great book at the same time:

I had every intention to write a column about holiday gift-giving that focused on non-toxic skin care (such as Rosy Glow Skin Care in Ashland, and others: ask a practitioner about purity before you book an appointment!) and stress reduction (massage? Hot tub soaking at Chozu Gardens) and detoxification (Cure

I imagine you know someone who has Alzheimer’s disease, or some other form of dementia, perhaps even someone in your own family. Although not the most common illness of aging, it is probably the most terrifying—even though those most afflicted have lost perspective and their dread largely dissolved. If you

  As we pulled the car up to the barn where we buy free-range eggs, our farmer was busily involved in a different kind of farming task. He was plucking turkeys for a customer—looks like an early Thanksgiving, she had three freshly harvested and plucked turkeys in the back of

  Driving along Anderson Creek Road outside of Talent offers an insightful glance into Southern Oregon agriculture: aging pear orchards yield to new homes, vineyards, and more recently a pot farm (behind high fences) and a hemp farm (wide open, looks like little Christmas trees, smells like pot!). The celebration

The dry warm weather of southern Oregon summers allows us all to find some time of the day when we can be outside and exercise comfortably. As a morning person and a rower with Rogue Rowing Club, my favorite exercise happens early in the morning out at Emigrant Lake. If

Hey, my job is not to say yay or nay: much as I like to tell people what to do, I’ve been convinced that it’s not an effective way to create health. My higher calling, when I remind myself, is to provide you with all the information on your question

Last month I was chatting about the value of exposure to a wide variety of bacteria: from your first journey down the birth canal, to childhood proximity to animals—family pet or time on a farm, to some good adult exposure to dirt: gardening? Soccer? We also of course need exposure

Did you play in the dirt, in the mud, when you were a child? Perhaps you still like to play in the dirt, you just call it gardening?  I imagine you know by now: all that exposure to dirt is good for you. The dirt is just one source of

Pet peeve: Speaking with folks about nutritional choices and hearing the insistence that “everything in moderation” is the sensible way to go. First objection: most people who say this (you know who you are!) have already made choices that reveal disbelief in their very own statement! They already don’t eat