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Cathy E. Kelley

Cathy E. Kelley

Beating drums, stomping feet and rustling skirts will fill the air at One Eleven Theatre Company’s summer camp finale as 80 eager kids perform Moana Jr., the musical adaptation of Disney’s hugely popular movie. Moana, Maui the demi-god, Gramma Tala, Pua the piglet and Hei Hei (“Drumstick” the chicken) will

As a small boy in Guadalajara, Mexico, guitarist and composer Arturo Ville Cordero remembers spotting the renowned wood artisans from Paracho selling their guitars downtown. “They have long poles, filled with guitars, the little ones at the top, and when I was five I saw one of them and I

As the days heat up, so does the excitement to hit the road, and what could be more fun than to be greeted by the adorable, playful bears of the Evergreen BearFest celebration. A summer favorite, the fiberglass bear sculptures will be on display throughout the city of Grants Pass

2040 (Available April 16-17) Written as a letter to his young daughter, 2040 is an entertaining documentary by Australian writer/director, Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film), envisioning his hopes and dreams of a better planet for her in 20 years. Instead of bombarding viewers with a lot of dystopian-ish drama, this

Sometimes when we’re searching for answers, we find them in a song—the lyrics, the melody, the beat, all help convey the way we are feeling. Singer/songwriter Sarah Dion Brooks has opened herself up to be a source for healing, through her life and music, but even more from the power

Traveling, exploring the outdoors and encouraging young, would-be writers are what stoke fantasy author Frank Morin’s creativity and help bring his mysterious and magical stories to life. Growing up on a small farm in Lewiston, Maine, where he learned to work hard and dream greatly, Morin says he read everything

Artist Kristen O’Neill remembers playing with childhood friends in the wild landscape of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The natural beauty and freedom formed the pathway for the visionary and budding activist that she is today. “Everybody knew everybody, for generations back,” O’Neill recalls of her hometown, Redwood City.

It was nearing the end of the Great Depression when sculptor Stephan Seable moved to Portland as a young child. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the encouragement from family to pursue his great desire for art, Seable’s creations leave an indelible signature of his deep-rooted

War veteran-turned actor, Cristian Valle, plays an all-too-real character in Fort Irwin, as he chooses to reenact a wounded soldier in a hyper-realistic warfare training exercise to help him overcome PTSD. This great short film written and directed by AFI graduate Quinn Else blends his appreciation for documentary and simple

Written and directed by award-winning director Mark A. Levinson (Particle Fever), The Bit Playerisa an enjoyably comprehensive feature film about American mathematician and “Father of Information Theory,” Claude E. Shannon, and the unparalleled shift he unassumingly created for technology and humanity today. The fact that you can text a friend