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Artificial Intelligence Developments to Watch in 2020

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Changes take place every day in every aspect of our lives. Things change, people grow, and life takes unexpected turns that keep it interesting.

A hot industry that has attracted so much attention is in artificial intelligence (AI). This impressive form of technology is changing the way people interact and view the world itself.

AI technology replicates the way that humans think to effectively pick up on patterns in their environments.

Since it is such advanced technology, AI can sometimes work better than a human could! It is compelling to watch how AI continues to shape so many industries.

As research on how to improve it continues, there are many trends that could have an impact on you.

Keep an eye on these developments in AI to see how it is changing the world in 2020.

Manufacturing Improves with AI

AI is a leader in manufacturing because of its accuracy and in turn its cost-efficiency. 

Machines built for manufacturing consumer products that are equipped with AI can turn out more reputable products in less time and with low error percentage.

AI is also able to recognize patterns in the machinery and can notify operators of any repairs it may need before it is too late.

With this awesome ability, AI is reducing the amount of time wasted waiting for repairs. This makes a huge difference in the amount of profit a company can make in the long run!

In addition to its impact on the machinery, AI-enabled cameras are much more sensitive than the human eye. This allows them to detect even the smallest errors in any item that is produced.

Less error means happier customers and a better reputation! 

The products you buy will be better made and likely costs less if AI is used to its full capacity. The hard work of manufacturing is continuously being made easier and more effective, benefitting the lives of consumers and workers alike.

AI Can Make Living Healthier Easier

As medical research becomes more difficult with the rapid increase of disease and illness, it must grow with the times.

One way the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are being revolutionized is through the use of artificial intelligence.

Using AI in healthcare is changing the way patients are cared for and increasing patient satisfaction. AI has helped discover new drugs and treatment options for complex conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s, and cancer.

In addition to advanced treatments, AI can speed up the diagnosis process to begin treatment quicker when necessary.

AI is also able to improve surgery performance and ultimately make sure patients are receiving the highest quality care possible.

With everything it has already accomplished in improving healthcare, continuous research will only make being healthier simpler for everyone.

Communication Changes with AI

Since the purpose of AI is to replicate the human thought process, it only seems fitting that it should be able to predict human conversation as well.

Smartphone users are likely familiar with predictive text, which is powered by AI. The software picks up on the patterns that a phone user includes in their messages and is able to predict what they might say next to make useful suggestions.

Sometimes it can create humorous sentences, but other times it seems to read your mind for sure!

This predictive software is growing even more advanced in a way that has allowed it to act as something of a mediator during uncomfortable or difficult situations.

Many studies are taking place to monitor how well AI can offer advice during touchy conversations through text messages.

The predictions it comes up with seem to detect the tone of the messages and offer wording that might help to resolve conflict in a way that is fair and friendly to all parties.

AI is changing the way that technology users communicate, making it easier to stay in touch and say how you feel without having to type every word.

AI Makes Voice Recognition Possible

We love the smart at-home assistants that sit on our countertops and tell us the weather without having to step outside ourselves.

More improvements continue to unfold as further research is conducted on AI and its speech recognition capabilities.

Browsing the web, playing music, and calling others are all possible with the voice-controlled devices already on the market.

It is so simple now to find out information without needing to pick up a book or even a laptop anymore. All you have to do is ask your personal assistant!

AI makes these devices operate. They understand the patterns in a speech that signify their waking word and the other search terms you say for a satisfying experience.

While it is easy to ask Alexa or Siri to do a quick math problem for you or find out the artist of a song you love, these smart assistants are now beginning to enable shopping through voice control.

The limits seem endless as AI for voice recognition becomes more refined and able to carry out human-like functions.

Can AI Show Emotion?

Since AI functions in a way that mirrors the human mind, it is interesting to consider whether or not AI devices can feel emotion.

While they cannot show their own emotions, they are able to understand how it appears and replicate the patterns associated with it!

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