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2022’s Biggest Womenswear Trends Predicted Now

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We’ve already plunged into 2022, but as we continue our wardrobe refresh, we are taking stock in the trends we expect to rule the roost through the entire year. It’s also crucial to know these hot fashion trends so that you can plan early on how to style them.

While last year was all about casual comfort, after getting used to the pandemic-driven loungewear life, womenswear designers and brands are taking a return-to-normalcy approach to the future of women’s fashion. This year’s trends are a mixture of updated basics paired with classic and nostalgic looks, yet comfort is still a significant factor.

What’s in store for the fashion-forward woman in 2022? These are the five biggest womenswear trends to look out for in the coming months, from casual sweats to uber-stylish green cargo pants.

  1. Casual Sweats 

Casual womenswear pieces like leggings, sweatpants, and joggers have ruled the fashion trend cycle ever since the pandemic started in early 2020. This prioritization of casual comfort over everything else is still evident on the streets, in offices, and even at birthday parties, especially among folks working either full-time or partially from home. 

The persistent popularity of casual sweats is a crystal-clear testament that perhaps there’s no better feeling than comfort in womenswear fashion. Whether you prefer easy-going culottes, flared knit sweatpants, or oversized, fleece-lined joggers, we are calling 2022 the year of casual bottoms. They’re super-comfortable, breathable, and can be worn pretty much anywhere that calls for a laidback inclination.

Not sure how to style your casual sweats? If flowy culottes are your jam, you can wear them with a simple black cropped sweater – the combo is the sort of chic essentials for any day of the year. Introduce a pair of brown suede pumps to add an effortless flair of class to your ensemble.

If oversize jogger sweatpants are your style of choice, you can opt for a long cardigan over the piece instead. This pair is a lifesaver when you need to pull off a cool look in no time. Amp up your outfit by finishing it off with a pair of white leather Chelsea boots.

Loose-Fitting Denim

As far as denim goes, loose-fitting, baggy styles have made significant inroads and gradually overtaken their skinny counterparts. In fact, fashion magazines like Elle have declared that the skinny jean era is long gone, and it’s not difficult to see why.

After seasons of ultra-comfy sweatpants and leggings, the jeans are about to take center stage as more people venture outdoors. With that in mind, many designers, fashionistas, and trendsetters expect non-skinny denim with a lower-rise to gain more and more traction in the world of womenswear, especially in the cooler months of fall and winter.

Here think cropped baggy jeans, low-rise straight jeans, asymmetrical denim jeans, barrel leg jeans, and boot cut jeans. These flared and baggy pairs of denim are warm and reasonably comfortable. They can even be worn to school, on a night out, or even to the office on casual Fridays.This loose-fitting denim trend follows the footsteps of the 2021’s Millennial mom-jean craze. Still, it is more stylish, chicer, and easier to style. For instance, you can pair gray baggy jeans and a hot pink turtleneck for an interesting, faux pas-proof look. To add a dash of elegance to this outfit, wear a pair of leather pumps in your favorite color.

Cargo Pants for Women

Cargo pants are ready to welcome you to the world of functionality and comfort fashion if you’re looking to slow down your roll on denim this year. By blending street-wear influences, boyish charm, and a combat aesthetic, cargo pants have truly and well conquered the womenswear scene. And there are many celebs to get inspiration from, including the songstress Rihanna, Soo Joo Park, Zendaya, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski.

If Emily Ratajkowski’s styling choice is any indication, look out for green cargo pants in fitted or wide cuts and their signature multi-functional pockets. Sanctuary’s green cargo pants are given a feminine zing with a pull-on design, a high-rise, figure-hugging waistline, and drawstring enclosure for inspiration and street style. 

Some brands, however, are bringing the style back to its basics with camo prints, while others choose to give the cargo pants a more of a boyish edge. No matter the spin, green cargo pants are a cinch to wear and style. For example, for a casual look that won’t fail, you can team your dark green cargo pants with a white dress shirt, then complete the ensemble with a pair of brown suede loafers.

Wearing green cargo pants and a black open cardigan is an even more typical pairing that adds a modern spin to the relaxed look. Introduce a pair of black & white low-top sneakers for an outfit that’s full of character and charm.

Crop Pants

Cropped pants are a perennial favorite, but they’re getting a significant update this year. The playful look of crop pants makes them an easy choice for anyone who loves outdoor activities or, generally, staying active. These cropped pieces can also be chic and sexy, mainly when they give a sneak peek of your toned skin and ankle.

Instead of the ribbed cuffs, this year’s crop pants’ trends will pay homage to fashionable comfort in the form of a loose fit. This must-try fashion garment can be worn to semi-formal parties, running errands, or even working. They also go well with most footwear types, from shoes with laces and straps along with the uppers to knee-high boots and even ankle boots.

The other beautiful thing about crop pants is that they’re great for the warmer weather, but they can be worn in fall and sometimes winter.

2022 may already be underway, but it’s not too late to give your wardrobe a new radiance with fresh pieces of womenswear. Green cargo pants, wide-leg pants, cropped pants, baggy denim, and long, elegant pants are some of the significant pieces of clothing that will get you noticed this season.

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